Friday, April 21, 2017

Results from the March Reader Survey: Do you prefer online or in store shopping?

Back to school, Avoid the pains of getting children back in the classroom 120731-M-FL266-016

Last month, our readers survey asked how you prefer to shop for school uniforms. Two-thirds of you responded that you preferred to shop in stores. The remaining one-third of you preferred to shop online.

Shopping in person is usually best in a few scenarios. You definitely want to shop in person for the first back to school shopping trip for any student new to school uniforms. It will give him or her a chance to try on several types of uniform items and decide which styles suit them best. You should also try different brands too to learn which your student prefers. Some brands carry different fits such as slim, plus, husky, while other brands only carry items in a regular fit.

Once you've learned which brands and styles you prefer, many of you switch to the convenience of online shopping. Once you have learned which top or pair of bottoms are favorites with your kids, you can stock up in the next size on those items during seasonal sales and use coupon codes featured in the Uniform Mom Weekly Report Card newsletter. When shopping online for clothing be aware of the store's return policy just in case. Because I hate to eat the return mail shipping charge, I prefer shopping with retailers that allow online returns to their brick and mortar stores.

Photo Credit: By Cpl. Glen Santy ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Girls Chino Skort from Lands End, a review

Girls Blend Chino Skort Above Knee-Black

This Girls Chino Skort from Lands End looks like a classic skirt. It has hidden built in knit shorts underneath making it a perfect choice to allow girls to play freely on the playground with modesty. Like classic skirts, it has a back vent for easy movement.

We bought this skort late this fall on a weeknight shopping outing to our local Sears store when we realized our daughter outgrew all of uniform bottoms during the summer.

The little girls style is pull on while the big girl version has a side zipper. Both styles have the hidden adjustable waist in the back, leaving the front of the skirt a smooth clean look. The length is designed to hit the top of the knee.  We noticed a difference of a about four inches in the length on the girls size 10 to the 12.  The size 10 fit my daughter perfectly. Since she prefers a just below or an at-the-knee length, we bought the 12 and adjusted the waist to fit her better. My daughter has worn it many times already.  I've found that it washes up easy.  It looks fine right out of the dryer.

It is available in navy, black and khaki.  The machine washable fabric is 40% polyester/60% cotton blend. It is available in little girl and big girl sizing in slim, regular and plus.  There is also a juniors and a women's version.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Results from the January Readers One Question Survey

In an effort to get to know you better, I initiated a monthly survey consisting of one simple question. Each month, you'll find the survey posted on the website and on our FaceBook page.  We'll also share the link via twitter and Google +.

What Was Asked

To get things started, we asked the age range of your oldest uniform wearing kiddo.  Are they preschoolers, elementary aged kids, middle schoolers, or high schoolers?  This information helps me get a better idea which age group we should focus on in features and product reviews.  If you have multiple children, you tend to learn the ropes with the oldest and have an easier time going through things again with younger children.

What I Learned

We learned that almost 60% of you have children in elementary school, grades 2 - 5.  All of the retailers that we review here on Uniform Mom offer uniform products for this age group.  It was surprising to me that almost 30% of you have children in high school.  I'll need to focus more attention on uniform brands that are offered in adult sizes.  Almost 15% of you have children in middle school.  Again, I learned that I need to focus more attention on brands that offer juniors and young men's sizes. There is a preschool across the street from my house that requires the kids to wear uniforms. Several other preschools nearby that I toured when selecting a daycare for my daughter also have the kids wear uniforms.  I frequently see the kids out in my neighborhood walking all lined up  in their cute little uniforms.  I guess that is why I was surprised that none of you have preschoolers in uniforms.

What's Next

Thank you for taking the minute to click through and share a nugget of information with me.  I am adding a note to my to-do list to focus more on products and brands that offer school uniform options in juniors and adult sizing.

This month, we want to learn how you prefer to shop.  Do you prefer to go to the store or do you prefer to shop online?  You tell us.  The February Uniform Mom One Question Readers Survey is open now.  Once you have submitted your response, please take a minute to share the link with the your fellow Mom's from school. Thanks for supporting Uniform Mom.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Iowa Senate File 31 Allows Schools to Adopt Mandatory Uniform Policy

Senator Brad Zaun (R) introduced a bill, Iowa Senate File 31, that would allow schools to adopt a mandatory uniform policy.   The bill is simply worded as follows:

"This bill authorizes a school district to adopt, for the school district or for an individual school, a mandatory uniform policy, in addition to the dress code policy currently authorized by the Code,if the board determines that a mandatory uniform policy is necessary for the health, safety, or positive educational environment of students and staff in the school environment or for the appropriate discipline and operation of the school."
Our Capitol - Des Moines, IOWA

The bill goes on to state that it is not an infringement on students freedom of speech as long as the uniform policy is viewpoint neutral.  It also eliminates the general assembly's declarations regarding dress code policy. The bill was referred to the Education Subcommittee for consideration.

An article in the Des Moines Register quoted Sen. Thomas Greene (R) who is the chair of the Education subcommittee as saying that he believed matters involving students' dress should be decided locally. They further reported that he planned to visit with Zaun and other legislators before deciding whether to hold additional meetings on the bill.

While it seems that this bill is likely to die in committee, I'll update this post should there be further activity.

Photo Credit: Mrachina, Jason. Our Capitol - Des Moines, IOWA. January 28, 2011.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

School Uniform Knit Skort from Lands' End, a Review

Girls Knit Skort-Classic Navy

I recently purchased a Lands' End school uniform knit skort for my daughter.  It was a weeknight emergency trip to our local Sears store.

At the end of last school year, I washed and sorted all my daughter's school uniforms. Most items were still in good condition and still fit fine, so I hung them in the closet for use again this fall.  With the exception of some school supplies and new shoes, we didn't do any back to school shopping for clothing.  During the first week of school, we quickly realized that she had outgrown almost everything over the summer. A few polo tops still fit, but all of her school uniform skorts, shorts and pants were too tight. I guess we didn't notice because she hasn't grown in height. Instead, she filled out - gaining inches in her waist and hips.

My daughter has worn it to school a few times already and I've washed it a few times.  It has a simple pull-on elastic waist, not the hidden adjustable elastic feature that I love so much. Normally, she needs the adjustable waist, but this skirt fits just fine. The length hits just above the knee.  The knit is soft and comfortable.  It has hidden cotton shorts built-in so its is great for the playground at recess.  It is available in navy, charcoal gray and khaki. In comes in little girl sizes and big girl regular and plus sizes. There is also a version of this skort for women for $25.

Luck for us, Lands's End was having a 30% off sale in early September and we got this new skort at a great price. The regular retail price is $20. Uniform Mom research on scooters recommends you look for skorts and skirts priced between 10 to 15 US dollars. You can snag this skirts at a great price if you catch a sale at 30% off or greater. Uniform Mom recommends this classic knit scooter as a wardrobe staple of great quality at a fair price.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

South Carolina State Bill 3050 proposes uniforms for all Public School Students

South Carolina House chamber, Columbia, SC IMG 4755
By Billy Hathorn (Own work)
[CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

SC State Rep. Cezar McKnight (D) has sponsored a bill in South Carolina to require school uniforms for all public school students. House Bill 3050 includes exceptions for physical education classes and for extracurricular activities. The bill requires that the state Department of Education develop rules and regulations governing the establishment and enforcement of its dress code program to include three main objectives.

The objectives address common concerns for parents and administrators.  First is to provide a standard that includes a variety of seasonal options, as well as a color scheme that permits flexibility for the school principle to make modifications for school colors.  Secondly, it requires that the required uniform be available at an affordable price for the average family.  Third, it includes a provision to assist students eligible for free or reduced lunch to obtain five sets of school uniforms for each season.

The bill has been referred to House Committee on Education and Public Works. I'll update this post should this bill pass out of committee to the next stage of the state legislative process.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Basic Kids T-shirts from French Toast

I’ve purchase more than a handful of basic t-shirts from French Toast over the past few years. One summer, I bought a few of the girls short sleeve shirts in solid bright solids for my daughter to wear to summer camp. I then picked up a few of the Boys crew neck t-shirts for my nephew. And recently, I’ve bought a few plain white ones for my daughter to wear on PE day.

They are soft, have some stretch to them, and are offered at a very inexpensive price point. The girls’ shirts come in 2 styles, a crew neck and a v-neck. Both styles gather a bit at the neckline which adds a feminine detail. They are thin, so they are great for layering with sweaters and vests or under jumpers. The colored t-shirts have held up very well for us, retaining their size and color even after many trips through the wash cycle. The white ones tend to shrink a bit when you wash them in warm water, even when you dry them on low, so I recommend you size up.

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