Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Celebrating National Foot Care Month

Does your kid need new kicks for school?

The American Podiatric Medical Associations promotes April as National Foot Care Month.  They conducted a national study conducted in 2012 that investigated teenagers' attitudes toward their overall foot health.  Here are a few key findings:
  • Only about half of teenagers see feet as important to overall health; few recognize their complexity and the need for expert care.
  • Teenagers are just as diligent as adults (or in some cases, more so) in caring for their bodies, except their feet.
  • Most teens participate in some type of sport, and of them, almost 4 in 10 say they have injured their feet doing so.
  • Two in 10 suffer from foot pain from uncomfortable shoes – girls more so than boys. High heels are the most painful shoe choice. A third of girls say they would rather go barefoot than wear shoes!
Throughout the month, we will be celebrating shoes, socks, and foot care. Upcoming posts will highlight several affiliate vendors that carry school shoes and socks in the Retail Round Up Series.  We are participating in several shoe giveaways (Hotter Shoes and Mozo Shoes) this month.  You gotta enter to win and fans of Uniform Mom will find easy entries available.

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