Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spectrum Prospek Computer Glasses

Over the winter, I began to notice that my eyes were tired all the time and I was getting frequent headaches. I found myself wondering if it was time to head back to the eye doctor. By coincidence, that week, Spectrum offered me a pair of their computer glasses so I could test them and share my thoughts with you.

I began wearing reading glasses a few years ago, I finally went in for the first eye exam of my life, if you don't count the ones performed by a school nurse. I was prescribed a pair of progressive lens. I’ve had them 2 years already, and I still can't get used to them. They make me dizzy if I walk in them, and it seems my eyes get more tired wearing them. So I tend to stick with my drug store reading glasses and wear them most of the work day and in the evening when I work on my iPad.

I ordered the Spectrum Pro Readers magnified with 50% blue light blocking. When the package arrived in the mail, I was surprised at how lightweight the frames are. Compared to all my other glasses, these are light as a feather. I don’t even realize I’m wearing them. And because you wear them like real glasses, and not like readers on the end of your nose, I end up leaving them on, rather than taking them on and off like I do with the readers.

I like the look of them. They are black square frames with red on the inside of the arms. Red is my favorite color, so I love that accent there. Some reviews talk about other computer glasses that have a yellow tint to the lenses. These are clear.  The website says they block 50% of the blue light while maintaining color and clarity.  

So how do they work for me?

Pretty awesome! They have some styles with a higher level of blue light filtering, but the pair I have claim to filter out half of the blue light that is being emitted by my computer screen or tablet. The Spectrum website talks about the mounting medical studies that show that prolonged exposure to blue light can cause damage to the eyes. It also talks about how blue light suppresses the body’s secretion of Melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Since I use my iPad most evenings to relax, I like that these glasses are reducing the amount of exposure which could help me fall asleep easier and sleep better.

My reading glasses are 1.0 in magnification.they recommend when you order these computer glasses with magnification to order them half your normal strength. Mine came at .5 magnification. Maybe my eyes are getting worse, but I could use them a bit stronger.

I have been using them for a few weeks now. I haven’t had any headaches recently, and I notice much less eye strain than I used to have in the evenings. I like ‘em and will continue to use them.

If you don't need the magnification, they have plenty of other styles of different stylish frames to choose from. Do you have a kid that you cant get off their device? Me too, so make note that they also have frames in kids sizes.  The kids frames are super cute in orange or purple.

The cost for the Spektrum Prospek glasses is reasonable too. My reading glasses cost around $20 a pair at the drug store. These blue light glasses range from $40 to $45 a pair and only $5 shipping. If you only knew how much money I spent on those progressive glasses that I never use.  I think these computer glasses are well worth it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Elderwear Long Sleeve Polo, a Review

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Elderwear Girls "Ribbed Cuff"
Long Sleeve Knit Polo

$9.99 at CookieKids

Recently Cookies Kids offered me the chance to review a few products.  I jumped on the opportunity to check out an Elderwear brand polo.  They sent me an Elderwear Girls "Ribbed Cuff" Long Sleeve Knit Polo to use as the basis of this review. 

When it comes to kids polos for school, many of the mast market brands are similar in price and quality. But there are a few outliers.  One of those outliers is Elderwear.  It is a brand that I have only come across a handful of times.  I've seen their uniform items only at a local boutique that specializes in school uniforms for the private schools in my area.  The price of their items is noticeably higher than mass market brands.

This Elderwear knit polo features long sleeves, a narrow button placket, slit sides, and ribbed cuffs.  It is 60% cotton and 40% polyester.  This long sleeve polo is a much heavier fabric than lower priced polos from other brands.  This is a nice feature in a long sleeve polo that is more likely to worn alone during the colder months of the year, as opposed to a lightweight polo worn under a jumper or sweater.

In our area, the weather just turned cool this week.  My daughter had a chance to try out the new polo and said it was comfortable to wear.  This weekend, it took a trip through the laundry cycle.  I wash her whites on warm and tumble dry low.  I might iron the polo for picture day or the annual holiday assembly, but for everyday, it looked fine right out of the dryer.

It is regularly priced at $28.99, but Cookie Kids offers this quality polo at the everyday price of only $9.99. I would definitely recommend this polo.  The Elderwear quality at a CookieKids price is a great combination. CookieKids also carries the Elderwear Girls Short Sleeve Pique Polo, but not the boys versions.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Demin for Back to School at Crazy 8

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Crazy 8 is having a great sale right now on denim for Back to School.

For girls, Crazy 8 has 3 basic styles: skinny, jeggings and bootcut. Each style is available in dark and medium washes.

These Skinny Jeans are described as "slimmest through hip, thigh & leg opening" and are made from 78% cotton/21% polyester/1% spandex. Reviewers love these for their slim daughters and granddaughters. But don't dismiss them as just for the skinniest girls because they come in slim, regular and plus size fits.

Reviewers with the skinniest kids love the Denim Jeggings which are 3% spandex and described "super skinny through hip & leg".  And for those that don't groove on the skinny leg style, you cant go wrong with the classic  Bootcut Jeans instead.

For boys, Crazy 8 has 5 styles: straight leg, bootcut, rocker, loose, and pull-on.  Each style is available in dark, medium and some are available in gray and black washes.

The Rocker Jeans is 100% cotton and slim through hip, thigh & leg opening. The Straight Jeans fit straight through hip & leg and have a straight leg opening. The Bootcut Jeans sit just below waist, slim through hip & thigh, bootcut leg opening.  If your son prefers a relaxed leg opening, try the Loose Jeans. All of these styles are available in slim, regular and husky fits.

All of these jeans retail for $19.88 but for a limited time, all denim are on sale for $8.88.  It is great deal, so stock up for Back to School Season.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Classic Girl's Back to School Look for from Gymboree

Uniform Mom was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and Uniform Mom will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking a link in this post.

Here are a few classic pieces from the girls school uniform collection that you can find in-stores or online at Gymboree.  When you combine all of these pieces together, they work for most school uniform dress policies.  Girls that are not required to wear uniform can still enjoy these items in the non-traditional uniform colors or by wearing them as separates with items from other collections.  Gymboree may not be the first retailer you think of when shopping for school uniforms, but they do stock the uniform collection year round.  The uniform collection is frequently on sale during the back to school shopping season and at several other points during the year.
Uniform Cardigan

The Uniform Cardigan is a must have.  If the school is air conditioned, these sweaters take off the chill in the early fall.  And they add a layer of warmth that can be worn over other items later in the season.  In the winter, they look adorable over a simple turtleneck.  It also pairs nicely over a jumper or the polo dress.  Shown here in navy, it is also available in white. My daughter always got great use of her white cardigans all summer long as she wore them over her brightly colored sundresses.

Uniform Skort

The Uniform Skort is another must have for any uniform girl.  The built in shorts underneath make it easy to play on the playground and sit modestly for circle time.  It is longer in length than the uniform skirt hitting above the knee. It is shown here in red, but of course, it is also available in navy.

I love the button-up  girls uniform shirt at the Gymboree, but all of those buttons can be a bit much for tiny fingers.  The Uniform Pique Polo Shirt is easy to pull over the head when getting dressed in the morning.  The collar, placket and detail on the shoulder of the sleeve make this top cute, stylish and simple.

Streamer Pony Holder

When my daughter was younger, I loved to shop at Gymboree for hair accessories for her.  Well, all of their accessories are awesome.  We still have a Streamer Hair Pony like this one that I purchased years ago.  It was her favorite hair tie and she wore it every PE day.  Super girly and cute.  It is hard to find hair accessories in colors to match school uniforms, so I always snatch these up during Back to School season.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

School Give Back Program with

We know that many Uniform Mom readers volunteer with the kids PTA or PTO.  All of us parents get looped into the school fundraisers. So I love to pass along news of passive fundraising program that can help the school raise money by buying things that the kids need and that we're gonna buy anyway. just announced a new School Give Back program.
  • will provide a unique url link to use for shopping and a unique promo code for families to get a discount on their first order.
  • will give each school print and social media materials to let families know about this partnership.
  • will issue quarterly reports and payments. carries all the basics that your kid needs to build a wardrobe.  Depending on how strict the uniform policy is, your kid(s) might be able to wear their polo tops.  They have a soft, jersey knit collar which is more relaxed than a traditional polo top.  But even if your school dress code is too rigid for the polo, their basics are great for the PE day wardrobe.  The basic tee shirt, shorts, and leggings work great and are affordable.  You will find many great choices for summer camps and weekend wear too, including swim suits.

So, go tell your principal, school director, and your PTO about this awesome earn back program and encourage them to take advantage of it.  If your preschool or school may be interested, please send an email to

As an affiliate partner with, Uniform Mom can offer readers this coupon for  20% Off Plus FREE shipping on your first order of baby and kids clothes at with code AFF20PCT!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Boys Double Knee Pants from French Toast

Double Knee Pant Workwear Finish

Are you looking for quality flat front pants for everyday school wear for your son?  Check out the Double Knee Pants from French Toast. They have all of the great features that Uniform Mom recommends when shopping for school pants.

  • First, they are made from Wrinkle No More fabric which is great because really, who loves ironing?  
  • Second, they have the Power Knee (TM) fabric to prevent against knee blowouts.  
  • And third, they have an adjustable waist so you can modify the fit as your child grows during the school year.

The price is right at $18.98. The French Toast brand items are carried my many different retailers making it easy to find them on sale. If shopping online, check out the Uniform Mom Weekly Report Card newsletter for coupons.  The sizing starts as small as a boys size 4 going through a size 20.  Regular boys sizes also include slim and husky options, and now they have a young mans sizing up to size 38 waist.  They are only offered in navy and khaki.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

8 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid with Back to School Shopping

The idea to start this site was hatched as a Mom of a Kindergartner trying to figure out the what, where, & when of school shopping for a kid required to wear uniforms to school.  Since then, I've learned quite a bit about the brands, the retailers, and the trends.  Here is my list of Rookie Mistakes to Avoid for Back to School Shopping so you can avoid these errors and enjoy a stress free school shopping season.

Waiting Until Last Minute

The shopping season for school uniforms at major retailers begins at the beginning of July.  While that seems early, it's not.  If you try to wait until closer to the start of the school year, you will find that the styles and sizes are picked over, or worse, out of stock.  For the best selection, shop in July. More retailers carry school uniform clothing items at this time of year, even if they don't offer them year-round, which gives you more options.  At many retailers, I've seen the best prices of the season during July. The Uniform Mom Best Bets series recommends the target price that you can realistically expect to find quality uniform clothing items. During peak Back to School shopping season, you can find items at bargain basement prices at discount retailers and even the retailers known for the highest quality are known to discount their uniform items 40% or more.

Overlooking the Uniform Exchange Program

I bet your school has a uniform exchange program or uniform locker where you can get school uniform basics secondhand for a fraction of the retail cost, or even for free.  Ask the other Moms in the neighborhood or post a question on the school message board.  As fast as kids grow, you will be surprised to find quality items like new, or even some new with tags.  Be sure to check out Uniform Mom's tips for shopping uniform consignment events.  You can also check out the online consignment stores, such as  You won't find uniform items tagged or sorted easily, but filter down by brands, color and size to find options available.  

Failing to Know the Tax Free Holiday in your State

Many states offer break from sales tax for a weekend or even for a full week on items needed for school such as clothing, shoes and school supplies. According to the 2017 National Retail Federation's Annual Back to School Survey, families with children in elementary through high school plan to spend an average $687.72 each.  Shopping during this holiday can save you an extra few percent on your Back to School haul.  Each summer, Uniform Mom publishes a list of tax free holidays in each state.

Waiting until Fall to Shop for Long Sleeve Polo Tops

When it is the middle of July, it is easy to overlook the long sleeve polo shirts hanging on the back to school display.  However, long sleeve polos are harder to find the longer you wait in the school year. (you can read about my hunt for the long sleeve polo here). By October, the retailers that don't carry uniforms year round are running out certain colors and sizes. Just save yourself the headache, and pick up at least 2 long sleeve polos during the peak Back to School shopping season.

Buying School Shoes too Early

One year, I picked up a pair of Mary Janes early in the Back to School season.  When my daughter put them on for the first day of school, she had already outgrown them.  I sent her to school wearing her PE shoes instead while I had to scramble that day to return them and find her hew ones that fit. ( I'd recommend you plan to hit the show stores about 2 weeks before school starts. You need to take the kids with you so they can get a proper measurement for sizing.

Buying the Cheap Shoes

Once.  Only once did I get my daughter a pair of school shoes at a discount retailer.  Basically, they lasted a week and I was out shopping again.  Shoes are probably the most expensive item on your back to school shopping list (okay at least while they are young), but spend the extra money to buy a pair of school shoes made with leather uppers.  Most shoe stores recommend you buy kids new shoes in a half size larger than the child's actual shoe size.  If they are over due for a growth spurt, you may be able to go up a full size with thicker socks, as long as the shoes aren't sliding around on their heels.  Once you find a quality shoe, it should last until the end of the school year or until they outgrow them.

Forgetting the Basics and the Accessories

Because of all of the Back To School clothing sales, it is a great time to stock up on basics like new underwear, undershirts, or bras.  But don't forget that your child might also need a new belt, tights, undershorts, or hair accessories.

Failing to Subscribe to the Uniform Mom Report Card

Each week, Uniform Mom lists the latest sales and coupon codes on schools clothing at major uniform retailers in the US.  If you're not already a subscriber, sign up so you always know what's on sale at each retailer and have a coupon code handy.

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