Monday, March 9, 2015

Florida HB 7043 - Standard Student Attire

Many students in Florida already wear uniform or student standard attire to schools.  According to articles, cities like Miami and  Jacksonville have the some highest percentages of students wearing uniforms in the US. A new bill filed in Florida yesterday could increase those numbers statewide.

Last week, the K-12 subcommittee filed a bill in the Florida House of Representatives for consideration after its first reading.  The bill was assigned number 7043 and titled, Student Standard Attire.  The bill states the following details:
"The purpose of a standard student attire policy is to provide a safe environment that fosters learning and improves school safety and discipline by:
  1. Encouraging students to express their individuality through personality and academic achievements, rather than outward appearance. 
  2. Enabling students to focus on academics, rather than fashion, because they are able to project a neat, serious, and studious image. 
  3. Minimizing disciplinary problems because students are not distracted by clothing. 
  4. Reducing the time needed to correct dress code violations through a readily available inventory of compliant"
And according to the bill's summary, here's how it aims to accomplish the stated purpose:
  • authorizes school boards to adopt standard student attire policy; 
  • limits liability for districts that implement attire policy; 
  • creates safe schools allocation to provide funding for certain safe schools activities; 
  • provides for withholding of funds from districts that do not comply with certain school safety & student discipline reporting
  • authorizes additional funds for districts that implement standard student attire policy (up to $10 per K-8 student in qualified schools);
  • provides appropriation.
You can track this bill's progress or read the full bill for yourself. The bill awaits scheduling in the full education committee.  Here at Uniform Mom, we'll be following its progress and let you know of any updates.  Parents living in Florida can contact their state representative to share their opinion for or against this bill.

Image credit - Tallahassee FL Old Capitol rear01 by Ebyabe  CC-BY-SA 3.0

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