Saturday, February 9, 2013

H&M's Organic Cotton T-shirts

On PE days, my daughter is required to wear "navy sweat pants, skort or shorts, and a plain white or navy t-shirt or sweat shirt". As we started the school year, she had several plain white short sleeve Organic t-shirts from H&M. They were a staple in her preschool wardrobe. She wore them with basic navy shorts when it was warmer. As the weather grew colder, I returned to H&M and found the long sleeve version of the same shirt. She paired them with basic navy leggings from Target and Children's Place. Today during the heart of winter, I found the turtleneck version of this same organic t-shirt. Two for $14.95.

Although our school policy allows the basic t-shirt (think Hanes), these have worked as a more stylish and comfortable alternative for our daughter. They have a feminine fit, are soft and have the right amount of stretch to them.

Most of H&M t's kids shirts are sold in a 2 pack; however, it seems I've bought some of these as individual items too. And not all of their t-shirts are the same. I just browsed through my daughter's dresser and found that the ones we like better have "Made in Bangladesh." printed at the bottom of the sewn in tag or printed in the shirt on the tagless variation. We have several of a similar style that are "Made in Turkey". Attached to the sales tag was a green tag that encouraged me to visit I checked it out and browsed the site that summarized H&M's " is that all business operations shall be run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable." This lead me to click on a link to read more about H&M's Bangladesh Development Plan. It was nice to see a brand acknowledge difficult issues in the clothing industry and present a plan to let us, as consumers, know that they are working to make things better for those folks who make the clothing items that my daughter enjoys wearing.

H&M's online store is not available in all areas. Here is their store locator.

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