Friday, February 8, 2013

Share with the Class

As I mentioned, I'm the Mom of a Kindergartner at a public school with a uniform dress code, and I'm learning things from that perspective. And I fully acknowledge that I don't know it all.

To that end, I invite you to share your experiences, advice and lessons learned, even if your opinions and perspectives differ from mine. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Product Reviews

As we try different brands and styles, I'll give you my honest opinion of what's working for us, what's not and why.  I also invite you to chime in by adding comments to my posts or contact me about guest post.  Since I have a daughter at a public school, I'll especially need input from parents of boys or parents with kids at parochial schools.

Wardrobe Review

I'd like to hear how you build a wardrobe for your child for the school year. Tell us about your school's policy. What's in the closet? How many of each type of item? Do you have a uniform shopping strategy? Does your child have clothing preferences (ie - My daughter won't wear a jumper.) or issues (ie - My son blows out the knees on all his pants.) that you work with or around? Do you have brand preferences? And if so, why?

Uniform Exchange Programs 

Our local school has a uniform exchange program that is run by the PTA. I've also heard stories about neighborhood Moms that share uniforms in a semi-structured way. If you run the program at your school or if you have a story to share, please contact me. I'd like to interview you and we can do it via email, Skype or phone.

Coupons and Sales

Got a good coupon code or notice of a good sale? Share with the class. Email me the details at and I'll pass it along.

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