Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review of the Lands End Knit Ruffle Front Dress

The last year or so of preschool, my daughter quit wearing dresses. Her best friends were all boys and they were into playing superheroes. No more cute sweater dresses with tights, instead she wore jeans everyday with simple t-shirts, many with images of her favorite superheroes. Thank goodness Old Navy carries superhero T-shirts for girls.  But don't take me too literally, this was not some form of preschool gender identity crisis, just a brief tom-boy stage to fit in with her friends.
Little Girls' Short Sleeve Knit Ruffle Front Dress - Classic Navy, 6
So when we headed out shopping for school clothes, I was mildly worried about her pitching a fit over not being able to wear jeans. But she took the whole uniform thing, including navy bottoms, in stride. While in Sears, I pointed to a Lands End Little Girls' Short Sleeve Knit Ruffle Front Dress - Classic Navy and asked if she would like to try it on. To my surprise she said yes.

Throughout the fall, she wore that dress once a week. At first with simple cuff socks and school shoes, later with knee socks as the weather got cooler. It has fallen out of rotation during the winter months, but she could be wearing it with leggings underneath and a sweater. I was so thankful she took to this dress because I enrolled her in Sunday school shortly after school started and she is again willing to wear dresses.  Still not "girlie girl" dresses, but cute casual dresses.

The Lands End knit ruffle front dress is made from
 100% cotton fabric that is noticeably softer to the touch than the mesh polo knits.  It has a slight A-line shape and has a small cap sleeve.  After many washings, only minor fading and no piling so far.   It doesn't need any ironing as long as you get it from the dryer in a reasonable amount of time.  Little girls definitely need to wear bike shorts underneath to cover their underwear while sitting crisscross applesauce in circle-time and while playing on the playground.  I would definitely buy this dress or a similar style dress in cotton knit fabric from Lands End again.  In fact next year, I'll likely look for a sale and get both the short sleeve and the long sleeve version of this dress.  

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