Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Myself Belts, a great addition to the School Uniform Wardrobe

if_uniform from Myself Belts
A sample product was gifted from MyselfBelts for this post. Opinions expressed here are my own.

I recently posted the question, "Should belts be required for Kindee Kids?" They are required as part of the uniform dress code at my daughter's school, but I have found that they haven't enforced it, at least with her classmates of Kindergartners. Because traditional belts can be a challenge for the younger kids, I was curious if other schools include belts as part of the required dress code and if so, at what age they begin enforcement.

Then I connected with Myself Belts on Twitter and learned about their product. It's a company founded by two sisters Talia Bahr Goldfarb and Danielle Bahr Eason, after Talia's son had a problem with his pants staying up during potty training. Together they invented Myself Belts TM, the belt kids can fasten themselves. As I read about the company, I couldn't help being impressed with how they have made a successful business and product with such a simple idea. Other Moms have given it rave reviews online, and the product has won several awards.

The belts come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Most are fabric, and a few are leather. The school uniform belts are offered in the following colors and styles: Solid Navy Canvas, Solid Brown Canvas, Khaki Corduroy Distressed Brown Leather, Brown Leather, and Black Leather. They retail for between 16.95 and 18.95.

The concept is simple. As shown in their video below, the belt attaches to the front belt loop with a snap. Then once you weave it through the belt loops, it fastens with Velcro If you prefer the look of a traditional buckle belt, you can slide on a metal buckle on to the belt. It is sold as an add-on item for $2.

This product is brilliant for toddlers during potty training. I have been noticing several new preschools in my area where the kids wear uniforms. The uniform selection of Myself Belts would work well with preschool uniforms, and it also works well for older kids.

My daughter's attends Kindergarten at our local public school with a uniform policy. A belt is required by the dress code on clothing items with belt loops. She hasn't been wearing a belt with her uniform pants or uniform shorts so far this year because the buckle on traditional belts was still a pain for her to manage by herself at potty time. After connecting with Talia, she gave us the chance to check out the product ourselves. She sent me a navy uniform belt and a buckle for my daughter to try.

The first time I put it on her, my daughter complained, "Mommy, I don't wear belts." Once I showed her how it worked, she realized that she could do it herself. She then told me about the little boy in her class that has to ask the teach for help with his belt buckle after visits to the rest room. If I run into this boy's Mom at a birthday party, I'll be sure to recommend that she try a Myself Belt for her son.

It's seriously a great product and a great company to support. Check out their site at For those of you that are social, you can Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter at @MyselfBelts, and check out their great boards over on Pinterest.

(photo used with permission from Myself Belts)

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