Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Izod School Uniform Bermuda Shorts

When I began browsing school uniform clothing last fall, I was surprised at the offerings at JCPenney. They carry Izod and French Toast brand items and the prices seemed very reasonable to me.

As I planned out what items she'd need for school, I decided to get her 2 pair of basic shorts. The Izod brand girls shorts fit her well and appeared to be well made. I expected that they would hold up well to playground play and many spins through the wash. And so far, they have. They do not need any ironing as long as I remove them from the dryer promptly. Even when I forget, a quick touch of the iron and they look great again. They are flat front style which is available in navy and khaki. They retail for $10 and are currently on clearance for $7. They have an adjustable waist and an easy to use hook slide closure.

Here in northern Virginia, the weather turns cool in late fall and gets warm again in mid spring; meaning the "shorts" season for school clothes is basically 2 months in the fall and 2 months in the Spring. If we're lucky, these shorts we bought in the fall will still fit come Spring. If so, these Izod shorts definitely have enough life in them to last through the rest of the school year and then to be passed along to the uniform exchange program.

I am likely to buy this product again. I would recommend them to other parents looking for quality kids shorts at a great price.

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