Monday, April 22, 2013

Lands' End School Uniforms in the Retail Round Up Series

Lands' End LogoLands' End was founded in 1963 as a sailboat company which expanded into clothing and home furnishings. Traditionally they were primarily a mail catalog company, later expanding to include an online business with a few retail locations in the Midwest. The brand built its reputation on its guarantee policy, which allows for returns or exchanges at any time and for any reason. In 2009, the company was bought by Sears which now offers the Lands' End clothing line in many of its retail locations in the US.

The brand proclaims to be "America's premier school uniform provider". Lands' End school uniform catalog is one of the most expansive collections available. As I read about schools researching and developing a uniform dress code, I'll often see references that the school worked with Lands' End to develop their policies. They even have a administrators portal website dedicated to supporting school administrators with their uniform programs. The site states that they are supporting over 4500 schools and outfitting over 1.5 million students.

In additional to vast selection of items, the collection covers a wide range of sizes and fits. Sizes range from Toddler (2T - 4T), Little Kids (4 - 7), Big Kids (7 - 20), Junior (1 - 13) through Adult (4 - 18). They also offer slim, plus and husky, junior and tall sizes for young adults.  The Find Your Dress Code feature on the retail website will filter the selection to show only items that meet your school's uniform dress code.  If you create a profile, you can further customize your online shopping experience. They also offer free hemming on uniform pants.

Normally for the Retail Round Up series posts, I list the items available in the current school uniform collection by gender and clothing type. Lands' End offers too many items to list.  Instead, I'll link you to the major groupings and featured product lines:

  • Polos - a wide selection of short sleeve and long sleeve polos in many colors and fits. If your school partner's with Lands' End, you'll have the option to add the school logo to polos and other items.
  • Iron Knee Pants - these pants won a Goodhousekeeping VIP Award as a Very Innovate Product in 2013.
  • Phys-ed Locker Room - a nice selection of uniform items appropriate for gym class
  • Slim, Plus and Husky Sizes - a wide selection of the same uniform items carried in 'regular' fit.
  • Girls Uniforms - a wide selection of shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts and skorts, activewear, jackets and blazers, outerwear, shoes, swimwear, and accessories.
  • Boys Uniforms  - Shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, jackets and blazers, activewear, outerwear, shoes, swimwear, and accessories.
  • Plaid -  If you need plaid, you won't find it at most other major retailers, but Land's End carries over 30 plaids, 22 of which are custom. The eight regularly offered plaids include the following patterns: White Plaid, Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid, Burgundy/Gray Plaid,  Classic Navy Plaid, Clear Blue Plaid, Red Plaid, Classic Navy Large Plaid, and Class Navy/Evergreen Plaid.  The video below talks about the custom plaids that are offered by Land's End.

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