Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Land's End School Uniform Girls' Kiki 3-strap Skimmer Shoes

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I wasn't shopping for school shoes, but happened upon the Winter sale on Land's End items at Sears this past winter.  I spied the Girls' Kiki 3-strap Skimmer Shoes - Classic Navy, 13 which are cute navy slips-ons.  They were the last box on the shelf and happened to be in my daughter's size at something like 60% off!  At that great price, I thought they would be a great shoe to wear to Sunday school with her dresses on the weekend.  I tried to purchase clothes for Sunday school in pretty bright colors since it is really one of the only times she isn't in uniform.  But I did intentionally choose outfits that would coordinate with, or at least not clash with, her basic school shoes.

Because these shoes are solid navy, she can also wear them to school on occasion with a skirt or dress.  As a slip on style, they aren't as good running around at recess.  My daughter is also in the after school program which allows for additional playground time each day, weather permitting.  Once she got them quite dusty and dirty with mud from the playground.  After a simple dust off with a shoe brush, they still look fine. For an older girl that doesn't spend as much time on the playground, I think these shoes would be a great option for an occasional school shoe.

These flats have a suede upper and come in navy and black.  They have 3 elastic straps across the front of the foot with silver buckles. It regularly retails for $44.

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