Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Izod Flat Front Uniform Skirt, a review

One of the first uniform items I bookmarked to purchase for my daughter was the Izod Flat Front Uniform Skirt. The flat front a-line style is a bit different from the standard scooters and pleated skirts.  Maybe I was drawn to it because it is a style I would choose for my wardrobe. It is available to purchase at JCPenney. It comes in navy and khaki in girls sizes 4-16. It is made from a cotton polyester blend.  

I ordered the navy one online. It has held it's color well through many washings, but it does need pressed to return to a crisp smart look.  The skirt has a zip fly with a hook and latch closure at the top that is easy for little fingers. But it also has a tab of fabric that snaps over to the left under, yes, under and between a double belt loop.  It couldn't be in a worse spot and is therefore difficult to button. Since it is a skirt and not a skort, I can assist my young daughter with this snap in the morning, and then she doesn't have to mess with it during restroom visits during the school day.  But that brings me to my second criticism of this item, I have developed a strong preference for my daughter to wear skorts or scooters instead of skirts. The convenience of a built in shorts beats having to wear bike shorts underneath.

Despite my criticisms, I do keep this skirt in her regular wardrobe rotation. Why? Because she looks SO darn cute in it.   In the warmer months, she wears it with bike shorts underneath and basic cuff socks.  As it got cooler, we switched to knee socks, then tights through the winter months.  
The classic style of the skirt paired with a polo is just perfect throughout the school year.  At the regular retail price of $10, it is worth a little ironing. 

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