Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

A few months ago, I came across a post by Jillie on How to Clean your Washing Machine. Huh? Yeah, I thought the same thing, but I clicked the link because I was intrigued.  I have a really old (she's a teenager) top loading washing machine.  I had been noticing what appeared to be clothing lint under the rim of the wash basin after each load. So I read Jillie's instructions and added bleach and vinegar to my shopping list for the weekend.

That weekend with my supplies in hand, I tried unsuccessfully to open the top of the agitator.  I was sure it came off because I had seem a repairmen do it previously, so I solicited assistance from my husband.  He got it off.


We found black mold growing inside there.  Yes, I was totally grossed out.  I've been washing my clothes in there. Ick! 

So I put on some cleaning gloves and wiped the mold and detergent buildup out the agitator.  I then followed her instructions by running a cycle with bleach then a cycle with vinegar. 

WOW, what a huge difference.  It looked and smelled like a new washing machine again.  This resolved the issue with the lint at the end of each load too.  

Jillie has some great household tips on her blog, One Good Thing. Here are links to her posts for top loaders as well as front loaders:
Think of all the good money you spend on clothing for you and the family.  I'd highly recommend you spend a few bucks for bleach and vinegar and give your washer a little TLC this weekend.

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