Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kiddo Tags, great for school uniforms and items for summer camp

I wasn't able to attend my daughter's soccer game this morning.  Instead, I took the morning off and went to the salon for a much overdue haircut   When the family arrived home, my husband announced that he was heading back to the soccer fields because they had left her favorite hoodie laying on the sidelines. I was doubtful that her hoodie would still be there, but it was worth a shot.

KiddoTags packaging, photo by UniformMom

By coincidence, I had just been contacted by Gabby Turner at KiddoTags. She offered to gift me some tags so I could check them out.  I recently shared a post citing research from a UK retailer that found families could spend over 150 pounds annually replacing lost school uniforms but don't use labels that can help prevent it. And even though I had learned this and planned to get some labels, I hadn't yet done so.  So while hubby was out trying to retrieve our daughter's favorite hoodie, my daughter and I sat down to order up some labels.  For obvious reasons, I was immediately drawn to the clothing labels.

From the Kiddotags Laundry Safe Peel and Stick Clothing Tags product description:
"Made to stay on during use, but possible to remove when you are ready to donate your clothing, or pass them down to friends and family. Since it is possible to remove these labels, we recommend you buy Iron-On Tags for a permanent solution."
Since I'm an advocate of clothing exchange programs and hand me downs, I wanted to try out this type of product.  I wondered how many times I could wash the item before the tag would need to be replaced.

Shopping on the site was a good experience.  Once you select the type of product you want to order, you can then customize it.  Selecting the color was easy; aqua blue is my daughter's favorite color. You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of colors to suit your child(ren).  My daughter enjoyed browsing all of the character icons. She had a hard time deciding between the daisy, the duck, the dolphin, butterfly, or the panda. They have over 200 images to choose from, so whatever your kids is in to from sports to animals, to dolls and flowers, bugs and pirates, you'll find an image your child will like.  The third choice you get to make is font and they have a decent amount of fun and readable fonts to choose from.  You get to include up to 2 lines of text. I chose to put her name and our phone number on the clothing tags.  Because of our current predicament, I though that if another Mom picked up her hoodie on the soccer field that afternoon, she could easily contact us via phone.

hanging kids coats, photo by UniformMomMy husband returned from the soccer fields and amazingly he had found her hoodie right where they had left it. When those tags arrived, guess which item I reached for first!

I first tagged the items most likely to go missing, her coats - the raincoat and her hoodie. I then tagged her cardigan sweaters since she carries one in her backpack everyday.

American Eagle Flip Flops, photo by Uniform Mom

Because my daughter will be attending a day camp this summer, I also ordered up some Shoe Dots Kiddo Tags.  At camp, she'll be changing clothes twice a day for swimming. A likely opportunity to loose her sneakers, water shoes or her flip flops, right?  So we'll be tagging all of her shoes for camp.  So far, I tagged the flip flops and her sneakers. I didn't put our phone number on these, just her full name.

Once camp started, I realized that I should tag her swimsuit. I wasn't sure which of the two types of tags might work better, so I tied one on each piece of her tankini. I placed them inside the tag as to not scratch her skin in the fitted swimsuit.  It's now been three weeks of regular use in the pool and through a few cycles in the washing machine, and both tags are still securely attached.

Each day, She goes to camp with two beach towels, so I tagged those too.  They also have remained in place through the weekly laundry cycles.

Overall, my experience with KiddoTags has been great.  Customizing our tags online was fun and the products have worked as described.  In addition to laundry safe labels, they offer dishwasher safe labels, daily labels, shoe dots, bag tags, as well as medical and allergy alert tags and bracelets.

And here are a few factoids from their website that you might feel good about:
"Kiddo Tags™ are printed in the USA, and operated by a stay-at-home mom. FREE SHIPPING (USA orders over $35) and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee."
If you'd like a chance to win a $50 voucher from, stop back on August 2, 2013 when we'll be kicking off a giveaway.

Currently you can purchase a $40 credit to use at KiddoTags for $20 over at Mamapedia.  Act quick because this deal is only offered for the next 4 days. provided me with products to evaluate in order to facilitate this review. All opinions shared are my own unless specifically otherwise stated.

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