Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Shopping Finds from Our Closet

Following my own advice in the A Strategic Plan for your Back to School Shopping post, I got out all of my daughter's school clothes mid summer as the Back to School shopping season started and sorted through them. To start off a new donation pile, I pulled out a few T-shirts that are now too small and dug out the scooter that shrunk earlier last year.  And then I made her try on everything that was left over from last school year.  It took a good 30 minutes of on and off, but it sure was time well spent.  We found a few more items that were too small, but most still fit fine.  Here's a list of items we found that still fit and are in decent enough condition to begin the school year:

2 pair of Pants
2 pair of Shorts
2 Skirts
4 T-Shirts for PE days
4 Short Sleeve Polos
2 Long Sleeve Polos
2 Sweaters
2 Bike Shorts
3 Blouses
A long sleeve and a short sleeve Polo Dress.
A bunch of Scooters we acquired last year that are still too big.

Feeling pretty fortunate that we already have a decent school wardrobe, I then made a list of additional items to pick up:

  • A new sweater realizing that she lost a navy one at some point last year. 
  • New pants in the same size as the ones she already has simply because the existing ones are showing  wear and won't last the year.  
  • New shoes; she'll need both new sneakers and Mary Janes. 

I packed up a small bag of items for the uniform exchange program and one bag for the local clothing donation bin.

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