Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Got a uniform wearing kid on your holiday gift list?  Here are a few gift ideas for school aged kids:

Girl's America Doll Plaid Dress
sold by the Ideal Uniform Store

These doll sized dropped waist jumper fits any 18" doll. It come in a wide variety of plaids and solid navy. Girls love when their doll looks and dresses like them. It would be perfect your child to bring to picture day at school.

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll
sold by Walmart

When my daughter saw the commercial for this toy, she immediately added it to her Santa Wish List.  However, she changed her mind when she say a similar product that is marketed to boys called the Air Hogs RC Atmosphere. They look to be the hot new toys of the season.  The kids can control the movement with the palm of their hand.

sold by Amazon
Last year it was Stompeez, this year it's Flipeez.  If you have kids in the house, you've seen and heard the commercials.  These cute fleece lined hats move when the kids push the button located in the long ears.  These are a MUST GET list for many kids this season.  Before you order, it might be a good idea to check with the relatives to make sure there aren't doubles under the tree.

Fire Truck Lunch Box

Personalized Lunch Boxes
sold by Frecklebox

Would your uniform kids like to show a bit of individuality and personality.  These lunch boxes are sure to make your kids stand out from the crowd. There are a variety of styles for boys and girls, so you're sure to find one that reflects your kid's personality.  They even have coordinating stationary items like binders, folders and notebooks.

ECOlunchbox Three-in-One: Stainless Steel Bento
sold by ECOlunchbox

If the kid on your list is more of an eco-warrior, then check out this stainless steel three-in-one bento box. Older kids would also favor the classic simplicity of this lunch set.  They also carry great eco-friendly accessories including bags and napkins.

sold by The Happy Trunk

If your uniform kid likes to get packages in the mail and enjoys arts, crafts and science experiences, then check out the Happy Trunk subscription service. They offer plans as a month-to-month, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions for age groups 3 - 7 or 7 - 11. 

The Christmas Box of Questions
sold by Melissa and Doug

Here's a great idea for a stocking stuffer that you can use to get the kids involved with dinner conversation. If you'd prefer to use this tactic  throughout the year, check out the general Family Dinner Box instead.

Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton
sold by Hanna Anderson

Since the uniform kids wear the same standard uniforms day after day to school, at night, they can cut loose in these bright, cozy, and fun designs.  If you're the type to give the kids special PJs to wear while they open holiday gifts, there are many holiday themed options.  If you'd prefer a playful design that are likely to be worn longer into the winter season, there are many other designs to choose from.

Chevron Box Clip
sold by Hanna Anderson

Accessories are a great stocking stuffer idea. Girls love to pair hair accessories in colors and patterns that compliment the school uniform. Chevron is all the rage right now, so this is sure to be a big hit. Also be sure to check out this post for other uniform ideas for boys and girls.

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