Friday, December 20, 2013

Yes honey, Santa IS Real

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Did you hear?  

There is a nasty rumor going around your local elementary school this week.  Maybe your child has heard it too.

What is it? The kid in the 5th Grade class said...

"Santa isn't real."


The Santa VideoYes, its our jobs as parents to make sure the truth gets out there.  Arm you kids with the facts! Pronto! Show him, yes honey, Santa IS Real.

So now that you're set up your tree and put up the decorations, after the kids go to bed this evening, you have homework.  Your assignment - Get out your digital camera or phone and take a picture in your house.

Get Proof Santa Exists emailed to you right away:

Just wait until they see Santa Claus walk past their very own Christmas tree, delivering their presents, and eating their cookies and milk, all in your very own home!  Here is a short tutorial to show you how easy it is to Catch Santa on Video in your home.

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