Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clean Up those old School Shoes with Mink Oil

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My daughter's everyday school shoes had seen better days. They have navy leather uppers, but the toes were almost white with scuffs and wear.  They look like they needed replaced. I had been looking unsuccessfully for navy shoe polish as I was out shopping over the holidays.

While cleaning up after the holidays, I came across a very old container of mink oil. I had used it on odd occasion to clean up and shine up my leather shoes. I've had the same container when I was in school and somehow it's traveled with me for numerous moves yet spent years in the bottom of a box in the closet.

I figured I couldn't do anymore harm to those school shoes, so
I found an old cleaning rag and rubbed a small amount of the mink oil into her shoe.

It worked like magic.  I couldn't get over the difference.  I grabbed the camera before I did the other shoe, so I could show you the before and after shot. See how the show on the left is all discolored, but the one on the right looks like a new shoe again.

The directions read as follows:

Remove all excess dirt. Apply with a clean cloth, especially around seams and stitching. After five minutes wipe off excess and polish. Prevents drying, cracking and salt stains. Recommended for all smooth leather and vinyl. May darken certain leathers. Do not use on Suede of Nubuck.

It did actually work that easy. I rubbed it on paying special attention of the areas showing the most wear. The dry leather soaked in that oil bringing back it's color and shine. I plan to spend an evening this week sprucing up my shoes, my husband's shoes, and my handbags. Since its not a stinky spray that you need to use in the open air, you can do it indoors while watching a TV show. I am definitely going to keep that container handy and use it much more regularly with my daughter's shoes.

The brand I have is so old that I cannot find it listed online, but I found Kiwi Mink Oil Conditions & Waterproofs Leather 2.5/8 Oz. available on Amazon. It is inexpensive. I recommend you add it on to your next order.

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