Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snow Days and Make Up Days

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Because of the unusually harsh winter, many schools had a record number of snow closing and days with delayed openings this year.  In states where laws mandate a minimum number of instructional days, most schools have contingency plans in place to deal with snow make up days.  But this year, many schools have exceeded those options and local school boards are scrambling to adjust the school calendars.  So how is your school planning to make up the days?  I'm hearing rumors of schools talking about different options, such as:

  • Converting the remaining teacher work days to snow make up days
  • Shortening Spring Break to use those days as snow makeup days
  • Scheduling select Saturdays to hold make up days
  • Extending the length of the school day for remaining days for a few additional minutes
  • Extending the school year into the summer

Has your school board decided how to schedule additional snow make up days?  Which option are they choosing at your school?  What other options are being considered?  Which option do you prefer?

(photo used with permission from Microsoft)

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