Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Uniform Consignment has gone Mobile!

Uniform Consignment Truck
copyright 2014 Uniform Consignment. Used with Permission.

Uniform Consignment has gone mobile. Literally.

Early last Spring, I shared a interview with the owner of a Uniform Consignment business in the Denver area. The previous owner offered highly personalized customer service via in person appointments to local customers and also sold items online.  She grew the business and sold when it grew too large to be run out out of her home.  The new owner took over last summer.  She considered opening a storefront, but realized that this niche business is at its best when you can take the uniforms on the road.  The Uniform Consignment Truck was born.

"The Uniform Truck is officially up and running and ready to come to a location near you! We carry pants, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers, skorts, skirts and more..... just ask us. We will set up for a two - three hour block of time, take consignments and buy backs as well as sell items during our stay."                         
 Melanie Kirkpatrick, Owner of Uniform Consignment

The food truck businesses that have become so popular in many cities helped paved the way for a mobile storefront, with local governments setting guidelines on when and where you can park and open the doors to customers. Uniform Consignment sets up a schedule to visit specific schools or local parks during morning hours and promotes it via Facebook.  Visibility of the big box truck also helps let customers know they can stop by. They also hold joint promotions with local traditional consignment store fronts by parking in front of the partnering store at advertised times so families can visit both stores on the same visit.

Those of you in the Denver area can Like Uniform Consignment on Facebook to keep up on when "the Truck" will be in your area.  And for those of you that might be running the uniform locker or exchange program at your local school, I've invited Melanie to share with us on occasion the lessons she's learned along the way about operating a uniform consignment operation.

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