Monday, November 23, 2015

Code Socks- fun socks for kids that wear school uniforms

I am excited to be one of the first to review Code Socks, a new collection of school uniform socks.   The socks allow kids to "follow the rules, but crack the code inside your shoes."  Most uniform dress codes and schools with standard student attire require students to wear basic navy or white socks to match their uniforms. Code socks are a solid color, except on the heel and bottom of the foot where it features a fun colorful design.

What a great ideas! They are perfect for kids that aren't looking to break the rules, but may be itching to express a bit of personality in their attire.

Code Socks is currently offering 3 knee high styles in the basic white and navy.  While looking to expand their offering, they currently offer code socks in girls knee highs that fit youth shoe sizes 12-5 which roughly translates to ages 5-10. The owners sent me two pair as a basis for this review.  The socks are 85% cotton, 12% polyester and 3% spandex.  In our house, the school socks with that hint of the poly blend hold up and wash up better than other socks.  We struggle to keep our white socks white, but the poly blend ones stay a bright white.

The three styles feature cute designs on the bottom of the foot and heel which would be hidden inside the shoe while wearing school shoes.  They retail for $8 per pair or $20 for three pairs.
  • The first design is a cute polka dot (shown above).
  • A second design has rainbow colors along the bottom of the foot (shown to the right).
  • The third design features the word hello written in cursive across the foot.  

My daughter especially loves the hello socks.  She is totally into the hi/bye trend in girls clothing, so the hello socks play right into it. She wears a size 2 shoe and they fit her fine, not too big or tight. She is also very picky about the seam that run across the toe on socks. It has to be placed just right before she'll put on her shoe. Maybe she was successfully distracted by the cute design, but the seam on these socks didn't bother her a bit. She wears knee socks to school all fall and spring with her skorts, so these will get a ton of use.

I think the designs are super cute.  The socks are very soft to the touch.  The quality of the material and the workmanship is solid.  No loose threads and the stitching is clean.  Uniform Mom is big fan of Code Socks!

Please consider supporting this small US based business with an order for the uniform girl in your life.  They will make a great gift this holiday season.

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