Monday, February 22, 2016

Featured Basic: Circo Girls' Long Sleeve T-Shirt

My daughter wont wear basic Unisex t-shirts,  like a basic (think Hanes) crewneck. We have a bunch, mostly received via hand me downs featuring logos of our local sports teams and a few we've purchased for her from the PTA that feature some school related program. The ones sold by the PTA are approved under the uniform policy for PE days. Regardless, she won't wear them.

In Kindergarten, she loved the organic cotton basic t-shirt from H&M. But the next season, we moved away from that brand because the organic tees became really hard to find and the regular basics were tissue paper thin and cheap looking. We switched to the basic tees from the Children's Place. Like the H&M ones, they came in both a short and long sleeve version, so they were an easy go-to item to pick up each season. But this winter, I came across a basic Girls Long Sleeve T-shirt at Target (update - this item is no longer available) that we like better.  It is a Circo brand soft knit jersey that is 60% cotton and 40% poly.  The fabric is very soft like some of her best interlock polos.  It is a heavier weight t-shirt giving more warmth in the colder months.  It is also very stretchy.  The detail around the crewneck collar adds a feminine touch. It is offered in fresh white, black, mint and purple.  The fresh white is perfect for uniform kids to wear under jumpers or by itself on PE days.

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