Monday, August 15, 2016

Stick To Me Identification Labels, a Review

I've tried quite a few brands of name labels, and I continue to be amazed at the creativity and differences between the companies.  I recently had a chance to try Stick To Me brand labels.  It is a small company based in Quebec, Canada.  Each order is custom made, shipped free worldwide, and packed to minimize waste and impact to the environment (shown on the right). One of the things that make these labels unique is the artwork that decorates each collection. I like that each collection includes a variety of shapes and colors.

I personally illustrated the colourful, lively collections. I love drawing images inspired by my children’s universe. I’ve used state-of-the-art technology with superior quality inks to reproduce my drawings with precision. I hope my designs will draw you into my imaginary world and will bring you as much joy as they did me when I created them. 
Annie Nadeau, Owner of Stick To Me
I ordered the Cosmos Collection which includes 200 labels:

  • 120 small labels that are water and heat resistant so they are safe to use in the washing machine, dishwasher and dryer.  They are suitable for use on items such as baby bottles, thermos, or water bottles.  These labels are also intended for use on the care tag of clothing items. 
  • 16 larger rectangle shaped labels that would be great for use on the pencil box, tube of sunscreen or other school and camp supplies.
  • 32 small rectangle shaped labels that work great on smaller school supplies.  These also come with the matching transparent protective film for extra protection from wear. 
  • 8 triangle shaped labels for general use.  The cute shape would be perfect to label notebooks and book covers.
  • 24 round shoe labels with the transparent protective film to protect them from scuffing and perspiration.  I love these for school shoes, gym shoes, dance shoes, soccer cleats, rain boots, snow boots, flip flops and any shoes that might be toted around in their backpack. 
  • And as an add on item, we got 25 iron on labels which can be used on clothing items by applying them directly to the fabric with an iron. I always recommend labeling clothing items that might be taken on and off during the day such as hats, sweaters, hoodies, and jackets.

With Stick to Me, you cannot split an order with 2 or more names; however, I ordered this set for use by my niece and nephew personalizing the label with only with their last name and choosing a gender neutral design. Smart!

I am a fan of Stick To Me!  Their website makes ordering easy, The product is high quality and functions as designed.   And the price is very reasonable at $21.95 with free shipping.

If your school is interested to partner with Stick To Me for a fundraiser. They do all the work such as order taking, deliveries and the school or PTA collects a commission on every sale.  You can contact Annie for more information.

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