Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Iowa Senate File 31 Allows Schools to Adopt Mandatory Uniform Policy

Senator Brad Zaun (R) introduced a bill, Iowa Senate File 31, that would allow schools to adopt a mandatory uniform policy.   The bill is simply worded as follows:

"This bill authorizes a school district to adopt, for the school district or for an individual school, a mandatory uniform policy, in addition to the dress code policy currently authorized by the Code,if the board determines that a mandatory uniform policy is necessary for the health, safety, or positive educational environment of students and staff in the school environment or for the appropriate discipline and operation of the school."
Our Capitol - Des Moines, IOWA

The bill goes on to state that it is not an infringement on students freedom of speech as long as the uniform policy is viewpoint neutral.  It also eliminates the general assembly's declarations regarding dress code policy. The bill was referred to the Education Subcommittee for consideration.

An article in the Des Moines Register quoted Sen. Thomas Greene (R) who is the chair of the Education subcommittee as saying that he believed matters involving students' dress should be decided locally. They further reported that he planned to visit with Zaun and other legislators before deciding whether to hold additional meetings on the bill.

While it seems that this bill is likely to die in committee, I'll update this post should there be further activity.

Photo Credit: Mrachina, Jason. Our Capitol - Des Moines, IOWA. January 28, 2011.

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