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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Marks and Spencer's launch autism-friendly school uniform collection

The National Autistic Society in the UK teamed up with Marks & Spencer, a UK retailer, to support the development of their brand new ‘Easy Dressing’ school uniform collection. According to reports, the idea came out of a product development campaign called ‘Inventors Wanted’. M&S received suggestions asking them to do more for people who struggle with clothing – especially children on the autism spectrum.

The easy dressing line includes 3 basic items. The first is a pull-up trouser so kids don't have to fuss with zippers and buttons. There is no back pocket and the care label is sewn inside the pocket. The second item is a no iron shirt that has been modified removing the top 4 buttons and replacing them with soft velcro. Again, less buttons less fussing. The last item is the basic polo where they made similar modifications swapping buttons for velcro.

These modifications are brilliant.  They make it so much easier for students with sensory issues to focus on school work instead of the itchy tags.  It makes it easier for these parents to get these kids off to school each day so getting dressed is simpler.  If you are interested to try these items for your child, I have good news.  Marks and Spencer offers shipping to the US. And in case you would need to make a return, return shipping is to a US based address. M&S will also be donating 10% from every item sold to The National Autistic Society.