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Friday, February 3, 2017

Results from the January Readers One Question Survey

In an effort to get to know you better, I initiated a monthly survey consisting of one simple question. Each month, you'll find the survey posted on the website and on our FaceBook page.  We'll also share the link via twitter and Google +.

What Was Asked

To get things started, we asked the age range of your oldest uniform wearing kiddo.  Are they preschoolers, elementary aged kids, middle schoolers, or high schoolers?  This information helps me get a better idea which age group we should focus on in features and product reviews.  If you have multiple children, you tend to learn the ropes with the oldest and have an easier time going through things again with younger children.

What I Learned

We learned that almost 60% of you have children in elementary school, grades 2 - 5.  All of the retailers that we review here on Uniform Mom offer uniform products for this age group.  It was surprising to me that almost 30% of you have children in high school.  I'll need to focus more attention on uniform brands that are offered in adult sizes.  Almost 15% of you have children in middle school.  Again, I learned that I need to focus more attention on brands that offer juniors and young men's sizes. There is a preschool across the street from my house that requires the kids to wear uniforms. Several other preschools nearby that I toured when selecting a daycare for my daughter also have the kids wear uniforms.  I frequently see the kids out in my neighborhood walking all lined up  in their cute little uniforms.  I guess that is why I was surprised that none of you have preschoolers in uniforms.

What's Next

Thank you for taking the minute to click through and share a nugget of information with me.  I am adding a note to my to-do list to focus more on products and brands that offer school uniform options in juniors and adult sizing.

This month, we want to learn how you prefer to shop.  Do you prefer to go to the store or do you prefer to shop online?  You tell us.  The February Uniform Mom One Question Readers Survey is open now.  Once you have submitted your response, please take a minute to share the link with the your fellow Mom's from school. Thanks for supporting Uniform Mom.