Monday, March 25, 2013

School Uniforms at Kohl's - Retail Round Up Series

Kohl's is a national department store with 1,146 stores in 49 states, as of February 2013.  Their online store features Kids School Uniforms in the secondary navigation making items easy to find.  They feature Chaps Brand items, almost exclusively.  The "No Questions Asked Hassle Free" return policy allows online orders to be returned to the retail store or via mail.

Boys Bottoms

Boys sizes run from 8-20.  Boys bottoms feature Chaps Flat front twill or pleated pants in black, navy, khaki, and light khaki. The flat front are also available in a green khaki.  Chaps Chinos are also available in khaki and navy.  

Boys Tops

The short sleeve Chaps polos are available in a tons of colors including white, navy, green, blue, yellow, orange  pink, turquoise  and purple.  They all feature a small logo on the chest.  Grand Slam polos do not contain a logo and area also available in quite a few colors.  Chaps Long sleeve polos are only available in white and light blue.  The Chaps short sleeve oxford shirt is available in white and light blue.  The Chaps long sleeve oxford is available in french blue, light blue and white, as well as the logo'ed variety in yellow, pink and light blue.

Girls Bottoms

All Chaps bottoms for girls are available in  in navy and khaki in sizes 4-16.  The bootcut stretch twill pants come in regular and plus sizes.  Skimmer pants, which are fitted shorts that hit right above the knee, and skooters also available.

Girls Tops

Chaps short sleeve polos are available in white, navy, light blue and red in sizes 7-16.  The long sleeve stretch polo with rouching on the chest is available in white and navy only.  A Y neck blouse is available in white only.

Preschool Boys

Little boys sizes run from 4-7x.  Little boys bottoms feature Chaps Flat front twill or pleated pants in navy and khaki. Chaps Chinos are also available in light khaki, and olive khaki and navy.  Little boys gaberdine pants come in black, charcoal or tan. Little boys polo are available in a white and a range of bright colors.  The button down oxfords come in white, light blue, yellow and pink.  The no logo variety is offered in white and light blue.

Preschool Girls

Little girls sizes run from 4-6x.  They include a bootcut pants and skimmer pants in navy and khaki. Skooters come in four styles including a khaki corduroy. Short sleeve polos are available in white, navy, light blue, pink, yellow and red.

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