Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cherokee School Uniform Pants, a Review

Last summer, my daughter had outgrown and worn thin her favorite pair of jeans, and I had a hard time finding her a replacement pair. Old Navy had been a go-to store for us to find basic jeans for her. But as she aged out of toddler sizes and grew into girl sizes, we couldn't find any to fit her. Taking her shopping with me was a big headache, so I didn't have the benefit for letting her try on items in the store. I must have made 3 different trips to bring home different sizes and styles for her to try. Regular, skinny, super skinny, etc.  Our daughter is "fit" with an athletic build.  The regular style was so baggy on her, but she couldn't even get her legs in the skinnies. And don't get me started on the length, yikes! The difference with the inseam between a 5T and a 6 in girls seemed like a foot.  I took everything back and gave up on Old Navy Jeans for the year.

Like most Mom's I know, I find myself at Target almost every weekend. There, I spied a pair of basic jeans by Cherokee. The 6x fit her very well. They were a little too long, but they fit close enough to the leg at the ankle that they stayed rolled up.

So when it came time to buy uniform pants, I went straight for Cherokee again.  She needs to wear PE clothes twice a week and regular uniform dress the other 3 days. I bought 2 pair of pants and most weeks she alternates a dress or a skirt on that third day.

And as I've mentioned in a previous post, she'd been wearing holes through her jeans at the knees during her preschool years. These Cherokee pants have been worn and washed every week since September, and they have held up well with no signs of excessive wear in the knees.  They are described online as "stain repellent, wrinkle resistant, and shrink resistant." They have an adjustable waist which we've adjusted several times already.  They have a boot leg style and an easy to use metal slide fastener (the button is just for looks). Like her other pants, they are too long so she's simply worn them rolled up at the bottom. My Mom recently visited for Spring Break and she kindly hemmed them using a basic whip stitch hem that can be removed easily when she has a big growth spurt.

Target sells these Cherokee brand girls uniform pants in navy and khaki in girls 4-16 regular and plus sizes. They also offer Cherokee brand boys school uniform pants in sizes 4 -16 in regular and husky.  They retail around $14 - 16.99 which is a very fair price for how these have lasted for us.  I would definitely buy these again and recommend them to any mom looking for basic quality kids pants, uniform or no uniform.  You can find them on sale too.  And as we smart Target Mom's know, you get an extra 5% off and free shipping when you use your Red Card.
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