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Children's Place School Uniforms - Retail Roundup Series

The Children's Place was founded in 1969 and operates retail stores offering baby and children's clothing and accessories. There are over 900 stores located in US malls, strip malls, outlets and street front stores, as well as it's online store. Online purchases can be returned to the retail store, except online exclusives which must be returned via mail.  Free shipping is standard on orders over $75 and $5 flat on other continental US orders.  The loyalty program is called The Children's Place My Place Rewards!  where you can earn 5 points for each $1 spent.

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Boys Bottoms

Boys sizes run from size 4 through 14 in slim, regular and husky.  Boys pants come in khaki, light khaki, navy, and black.  Bermuda shorts come in khaki and gray in regular and slim.

Boys Tops

Short Sleeve Polos come in white and navy, blue and gray.  The long sleeve polos come in white, navy, blue gray, burgundy and green.  The long sleeve oxford come is white, yellow, blue, pink and peach. They carry a rugby style shirt in navy, burgundy and green; Turtlenecks in navy and white; a hoodie sweatshirt for PE in navy and green and a sweater vest in navy.  Navy blazers are available in 3 styles.

Girls Bottoms

Girls sizes run from 4 through 14. Pants and Bermuda shorts are available in regular, slim and plus sizes in khaki, navy, and light khaki. Scooters are available in regular, slim and plus sizes in 2 styles in navy and khaki.

Girls Tops

The short sleeve polo with a ruffle comes in white, pink and navy.  The regular short sleeve version comes in white, navy, blue, and bright pink.  The long sleeve polo comes in white, yellow, blue and burgundy. The peter pan woven is available in short and long sleeve in white and yellow.  A turtleneck, a sweater vest, and a cable hoodie zip up are available in navy.  They also offer a faux layered white short sleeve and long sleeve navy v neck sweater.

Girls Dresses

A knit polo dress comes in navy, pink and blue.  A jumper is available in regular and plus sizes in navy, khaki, light khaki, and black.  A sweater dress is available in navy.

Preschool Boys

Sizes run from 6 months through 5T. Pants with an adjustable waist are available in khaki, navy and black. Bermuda shorts with and adjustable waist in khaki and navy. Short sleeve polos are available in white, navy, blue and gray. The long sleeve polos are available in white and blue. A sweater vest is available in navy. And Navy blazers are available in 2 solid and pinstripe.

Preschool Girls

Sizes run from 6 months through 5T. Pants with an adjustable waist are available in khaki, navy and black. Pleated scooters with built in shorts are available in  khaki, light khaki, navy and black. Short and long sleeve polos with a ruffle are available in white, navy, blue, pink and yellow (short sleeve only). The basic long sleeve polos are available in white, navy, yellow, pink and blue. A short sleeve knit polo dress is available in pink and navy. And white turtleneck is available.

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