Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fundraising with the Lands' End School Rewards Program

Lands' End LogoOn Lands End's website, they state that that they have made a commitment to give back $1 million to partner schools this year.  Schools can earn up to 6% on school uniform orders.  The tiered schedule starts at 1% on sales up to $4,999 annually. It bumps to 2% on sales between 5000 and 9,999 and 3% for sales over $10,000.  Then as additional incentives, schools can bump it up another 1% if you sign an exclusive contract and another 1% for a multi-year contract. And schools willing to share the parents address or email addresses can earn another additional 1%.

Each participating school is assigned a preferred school number. To find you school's number, you can use their search feature.  Parents are reminded to use it on purchases through the catalog, online, at inlet shops or at Sears. Schools with a tax status of 501 (c)3 or 509 (a) and a dress code are eligible to participate in this rewards program.  Checks are issued annually in February based on the past years' sales.

To learn more details, you can contact Land's End directly.

Have you worked with a school that was enrolled in the School Rewards Program?  Please let us know your thoughts about the program in the comments below.

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