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Thursday, July 20, 2017

School Give Back Program with

We know that many Uniform Mom readers volunteer with the kids PTA or PTO.  All of us parents get looped into the school fundraisers. So I love to pass along news of passive fundraising program that can help the school raise money by buying things that the kids need and that we're gonna buy anyway. just announced a new School Give Back program.
  • will provide a unique url link to use for shopping and a unique promo code for families to get a discount on their first order.
  • will give each school print and social media materials to let families know about this partnership.
  • will issue quarterly reports and payments. carries all the basics that your kid needs to build a wardrobe.  Depending on how strict the uniform policy is, your kid(s) might be able to wear their polo tops.  They have a soft, jersey knit collar which is more relaxed than a traditional polo top.  But even if your school dress code is too rigid for the polo, their basics are great for the PE day wardrobe.  The basic tee shirt, shorts, and leggings work great and are affordable.  You will find many great choices for summer camps and weekend wear too, including swim suits.

So, go tell your principal, school director, and your PTO about this awesome earn back program and encourage them to take advantage of it.  If your preschool or school may be interested, please send an email to

As an affiliate partner with, Uniform Mom can offer readers this coupon for  20% Off Plus FREE shipping on your first order of baby and kids clothes at with code AFF20PCT!

Monday, November 16, 2015

School Fundraising with Discount Cards

A segment of our readers are involved with the Parent Teacher organization (aka PTA or PTO) at their child’s school, so I try to share school fundraising opportunities as I come across them. In the past, I have written about passive fundraising efforts with school uniform providers and others. With passive fundraisers, the school or PTA registers with the company, promotes the code and receives periodic income from the company based on a percentage of sales when the promotion code is used.

Discount card fundraisers are in a different category because they take more effort by both parents and students. There are two variations on how it can be managed. While both require a level of effort from volunteers on the PTA, one requires more effort than the other.  The more legwork the group puts into the program, the more profit the group can hope to receive.

What are Discount Cards?

A discount card is a plastic card that an individual can present to a participating business at the time of sale to receive a discounted price on their purchase. Who doesn’t like getting a discount? We present our loyalty cards at the grocery store to get the discounted price. But unlike store loyalty cards, discount cards can be used at a variety of participating retailers.

How can Discount Cards be used as Fundraisers?

A typical discount card is a plastic card that can fit in a wallet or card holder. It features the sponsoring organization on the front of the card, such as the school name and logo. The back of the card contains a list of participating businesses that have agreed to participate in the fundraiser. The businesses gain exposure and hope to draw in customers or gain new customers by participating in the program. The sponsoring organization makes money by selling the cards for a set price. Folks that purchase the cards can use them to receive discounts at the participating retailers.

How much can the PTA make?

It depends on two factors. The biggest factor is how much you charge for the discount card. Some groups charge as little as $5, while seasoned groups that product a card annually can charge up to $15 or $20 per card. The higher amount you can charge, the more potential profit the sponsoring organization can make.

The second factor is the cost of the fundraising cards printing.
  • If you go low tech, the school may be willing to make the copies and let you use the school’s laminating machine. In that case, the cost may be limited to supplies for paper and materials. To make a professional looking card, you can find or purchase a template online.
  • Another option is to use a local printer or ask a local printer to donate their services to create the cards for the school.
  • A third is to use a professional discount card company. These vendors require a minimum amount of cards, and some offer to help with design and layout of the card for an additional fee.

To figure out how much money your group can raise for your school, decide how many cards you will get printed and decide how much to charge for each card.  Multiple those 2 numbers together and subtract the cost to print the discount cards.

( # of cards to sell  X price per card )  -  cost to print the cards

How do I find businesses willing to participate?

If your school has good relationships with local business, the PTA may choose to create the cards on their own. You will need to solicit volunteers to contact local business, request participation, and collect the details on the discount information to be placed on the card. The PTA should also solicit the assistance of an attorney to draft a simple agreement between the organization and the business to include details such as the length of time the discount cards must be accepted by the business. If you have a volunteer with layout and design skills, you might include logos or artwork from the participating business or you can choose to keep it a simple text layout. If the organization does not have bandwidth to do this level of legwork, you can find vendors that will line up the participating business and print the professional discount card for the organization. This option increases the cost to host the fundraiser, but makes the fundraiser possible with less coordination.

How does the sponsoring organization sell the cards?

Some schools send home several cards per student with an envelope to return the payments and any unpurchased cards back to school. Veteran organizations that have experience with this type of fundraiser caution not to overestimate the amount of cards that can be sold per student. While discount card companies might encourage a school to purchase five cards for each student to sell; two per student might be a good starting point.

Asking PTA volunteers to sell the cards at a school or local event such as at Back to School night or at a school sporting event is another option with the potential to sell out quickly. Be sure to get permission from the event organizers.

If the school has a great relationship with a local business that caters to area families, the business may be willing to sell the any remaining cards at the counter and give the proceeds back to the school. 

Good luck with your fundraising efforts!

Has your school sponsored discount card fundraiser in the past? Let us know what worked and what didn’t work in the comments below. 

Photo credit: Home Water Softener Reviews

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Passive Fundraising Opportunity with Little Passports

At this time of year, schools and PTA organizations are looking for fundraising opportunities. In the past, I've highlighted several passive fundraising opportunities here on Uniform Mom.  Today, I want to share with you some information on a program with one of our affiliate partners, Little Passports.  

About the product:

Great fundraising program include a great product. Little Passports develops fun and exciting children’s subscriptions that deliver the world to your child's doorstep. Imaginary penpals Sam and Sofia travel the world on their scooter, visiting a new country each month and send a package in the mail to your child. Packages arrive full of goodies including a letter, souvenirs, activities and online games! Award-winning Little Passports has been featured in Parenting Magazine, Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide, the Wall Street Journal and many more! Children and their parents absolutely love Little Passports! Our expanding line now includes a USA Edition in which Sam and Sofia visit two states each month.

The fundraising program:

Their Fall Fundraising period is October 21 - 28. They donate 15% of sales proceeds back to participating schools from any purchases made by their school's community.

They do the work!

The process will be easy, and orders can be placed directly on the Little Passports website.
They handle the orders, processing, and shipping, and then report back to you on how much was raised. All that's left on your plate is promoting the program at your school.

Want to participate?

Deadline to sign up is October 10! Contact them today at to register your school.

Uniform Mom participates in the Little Passports affiliate program. 
Thanks for supporting Uniform Mom.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Olly Shoes School Fundraiser

Shop Olly Kids Shoes Today For Great Brands and SavingsI'm always on the lookout to learn about school fundraising programs, especially those that relate to school clothing.  So given that it is National Foot Car month, I was pleased to learn that Olly Shoes partners with local area schools and offer either a discount on required shoes to parents or a percentage of sales back to the school to assist in funding school programs.

If you missed it, you can check out the Retail Round Up post on Olly Shoes from earlier this month which features several great selections fro school shoes.  There is a useful link labeled School Shoes in the upper right hand header of their web page to take you right to the selection of great school shoes including pediped, School Issue, Merrell, Jumping Jacks, Sperry, Puma, and New Balance.  They also carry Jefferies socks and tights.

So far, they are working with schools in PA, DE, MD and NJ. To receive information about our program and get your school involved, email your request to

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Spirtitwear at Design or Logo is Our Business! No Minimuns or Setup Fee!
My daughter's school sells what they call a "Spirit" shirt which is a screen printed t-shirt that is approved for the kids to wear on PE days.  Each year the design printed on the t-shirt is representative of a school theme, program, or initiative such as the "National School of Character".  The sale of the t-shirts is also a minor fundraiser for the school PTA.  Many schools offer logo'ed, badged, or crested items as part of uniform, as spirit-wear or as part of a fundraiser.  If you're looking for a vendor to partner with on these types of items, you should be aware of LogoSportswear. offers embroidery and digital printing sportswear with no minimums or set-up fees. According to their website, they are "the Internet's first and premier supplier of customized shirts, caps, team uniforms, workwear, jackets, golf gear, sweats and more."

" customizes its products in-house with great graphics, beautiful embroidery, and quality screenprinting, enabling customers to save both time and money. At customers find the fastest turnaround times in the industry - even on rush orders for those in a hurry. So whether sporting a logo for sports team, club or school, look like a winner with creative, customized products from! "
So if you have an activity or fundraiser and need some spirit wear, check out LogoSportswear.  Below is a affiliate coupon.

15% off everything + Free shipping when you spend $99 or more with Coupon code: CYBER15
Valid 12/2/13 Only!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tiny Prints PTA School Fundraiser

If the holiday cards you receive look like the ones I receive, you are about to purchase and receive photo cards over the holiday season.  Instead of the annual family letter with highlights of the past year, many of us opt to send a photo card so distant relatives can see for themselves how much the kids have grown.

School PTA and PTO groups looking for a passive fundraiser should consider Tiny Prints. Tiny Prints is an online store for cards, invitations, stationary and photo books.  They are known for fresh, updated designs and high quality products.

Few parents enjoy selling typical fundraiser items to friends, family and co-workers, so passive fundraising options like this one are an easy sell.Tiny Prints pays a generous 13% commission on every order placed through a co-branded online storefront.   So many of us are planning to order holiday cards or invitations over the course of the year anyway, it is an easy way for the PTA to raise funds.

If you are not involved with your PTA or PTO, please share this article with them.  Email it to the person heading up fundraising and the other officers. If you are the PTA representative in charge of fundraising, below are the steps you'll need to get started.

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Here's how your school can partner with Tiny Prints during this peak buying season to create a co-branded online store that you can promote through the normal PTA communication channels:
  1. Tiny Prints manages this program through an affiliate partner.  So the first step is to create an affiliate account with ShareASale.  If the PTA has a unique email address that is regularly monitored which travels with the new officers each year, I'd advise you use it to set up the account.  This can help ensure a smooth transition from year to year.
  2. The next step is to register with Tiny Prints for a custom storefront web page for the school PTA or PTO group. They will then contact you with instructions to set up the site with some basic information.
  3. Once the site is up and running, you'll need to promote the site and it's unique web address through the PTA at meetings, in newsletters, on the school's website.  You can also encourage parents to share the information with their friends and family via social media so even more people can order through the co-branded storefront.
  4. Lastly, collect commissions.  

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CookiesKids School Uniform Fundraiser Program

Haven't heard of CookiesKids?  Me either, until recently. The are known as the World's Largest Kids Department Store and have 6 retail locations in New York City.  In 2007, they were noted by Crain's Magazine as the #1 School Uniform Headquarters in the United States. The Cookie's website, which they consider their 7th store, features a special school uniform section. You can check out my overview of School Uniforms at the Cookie's, the Kids Department Store from the Retail Round Up Series.

I spoke with a company representative and learned that they work with over 1200 schools, mostly in New York City and others across the US. They are focused on working directly with schools to offer quality uniform items at the lowest possible price point.

Cookie's offers two different school uniform programs. The "Direct to School" program allows schools to place bulk orders at a discount to distribute or sell to students themselves. In the "School Webstore" program, Cookie's will create a custom website that features your school uniform or items that comply with your school's uniform dress code.  Parents are offered free shipping on orders over $49 and the school received a 5% royalty which is "donated back to the school to help underprivileged students pay for their uniforms".

Cookies also offers a in-house embroidery program and screen printing department to customize your school's uniforms.  If it's plaid you need, CookiesKids offers 38 different plaids in a variety of styles.

To see if you school is registered, check out their school search.  To sign up, complete the online form to have a representative from the School Sales Department work with you to design the uniform program for your school.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fundraising with the Lands' End School Rewards Program

Lands' End LogoOn Lands End's website, they state that that they have made a commitment to give back $1 million to partner schools this year.  Schools can earn up to 6% on school uniform orders.  The tiered schedule starts at 1% on sales up to $4,999 annually. It bumps to 2% on sales between 5000 and 9,999 and 3% for sales over $10,000.  Then as additional incentives, schools can bump it up another 1% if you sign an exclusive contract and another 1% for a multi-year contract. And schools willing to share the parents address or email addresses can earn another additional 1%.

Each participating school is assigned a preferred school number. To find you school's number, you can use their search feature.  Parents are reminded to use it on purchases through the catalog, online, at inlet shops or at Sears. Schools with a tax status of 501 (c)3 or 509 (a) and a dress code are eligible to participate in this rewards program.  Checks are issued annually in February based on the past years' sales.

To learn more details, you can contact Land's End directly.

Have you worked with a school that was enrolled in the School Rewards Program?  Please let us know your thoughts about the program in the comments below.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

French Toast Dollars in Uniform Fundraiser Program

French Toast - America's Most Popular School Uniforms for Less!
Wouldn't your school like to Earn 5% Cash Back for your school when you shop at French Toast today! The French Toast program does not require the school to enter a contract. A school administrator can complete a simple sign up form online to get started.

French Toast offers bulk discounts to schools and can provide embroidery set up for the school logo.  The embroidery set up is free if the school logo is digitized.  If not, French Toast can assist for a one time $95 fee.

Participating schools are assigned a school code. If the school provides details on their uniform dress code, French Toast creates a customized online shopping experience for parents filtering the uniform items to just display the ones that comply with your school's dress code.  The school can also order customized catalogs to provide to parents.   I love how that can simplify the "Back to School" shopping for all families.

A friendly school marketing representative told me that over 5,000 schools participate in this program with French Toast.  Schools can receive royalty checks twice a year in August and February.  Checks are issued once a school's total sales reaches $2000, or a royalty of at least $100.  If a school doesn't reach that sales total in a period the amount rolls into the next period until that threshold is reached.  If your school is not contractual obligated to an exclusive contract with a specific vendor, then you have nothing to loose by registering for the French Toast Dollars for Uniforms program.  Participation can simplify shopping experience for the parents and the school may receive a royalty check in return. A Win, Win!

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Below is a 3 minute video highlighting the program:

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Myself Belts School Fundraiser Program

schoolsteps group by Myself Belts

If your school is looking for a fundraiser idea, you might want to check out Myself Belts. Myself Belts TM, the belt kids can fasten themselves, is a product and company owned by two Moms. Their product is simple enough for kids to use themselves during potty training, but functional and stylish enough to use as they grow older too. Earlier this Spring, I met Talia Bahr Goldfarb on Twitter. She sent us a complementary belt for my daughter to try. Here you can read our review of the Myself Belt for School Uniforms.

The company also offers a fundraising program that offers a generous 20% donation back to the school. They will assist the organizer with flyers and order forms. The order is shipped free in bulk to the organizer or school for local distribution. They even offer to set up the school logo which can be embroidered on the belts.

If you're looking for a more passive fundraiser, you can provide a copy of the school logo to Myself Belts. They will digitize the logo for a small fee. You can then spread the word in your regular PTA newsletters or email blasts. Parents can then order themselves online. When they add the school's logo, the school gets a 20% of the proceeds. Couldn't be simpler.

If you're ready to get started, contact MyselfBelts at Please tell her the Uniform Mom sent you.

(photo used with permission from Myself Belts)

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

ISO Feedback on School Uniform Fundraiser Programs

So naturally, I'm curious to hear feedback from schools that participate in school uniform fundraising programs.  Do parents take the time to enter the school code in their online orders, and if so what kind of royalty does the school receive for their efforts?

If your school has promoted a school uniform fundraising program in the past year and are involved with the administration of the program, I'd like to hear from you.  Please complete the survey below.  If you participate in programs with several brands, please feel free to complete this brief 4 question survey multiple times.

If you weren't involved with the program but you know who was, please forward this link to them so they can complete the survey.

Based on the feedback collected, I'll plan to share the feedback in a future post.

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