Monday, August 26, 2013

Basic White Sneakers for Back to School

The Back to School ads from the shoe stores feature brightly colored sneakers in a wide variety of trendy colors at prices that don't break the bank.  The uniform dress code at my daughter's school requires black or plain white sneakers.  Last year, I got her a pair of Saucony Radar Lt LTTs at my local Stride Rite outlet (read my review).

When I browsed the selection at the same outlet this year, I couldn't find any basic white sneakers at all.  I asked the sales staff and she brought me another pair of the Saucony Radar Lt LTTs from the back.  I bought them again for my daughter.  Please, if you know my daughter, don't tell her she's wearing a unisex shoe.  The box is labeled Boys and if she found out, we'll ..

This led me to 1) quickly dispose of  the shoe box when I got home and 2) begin to shop around to see if I could find other options or to confirm if the choices are in fact as limited as they seem to me.

I was pleasantly surprised at some options I found online.  I was also surprised to learn that most of these basic PE sneakers are also unisex shoes as you can see below from the "Children's" label.   I already know which ones I'll be ordering next time my daughter is ready for another pair.  I hope these links will help you out with your back to school shoe shopping.

If you found some other options that I don't have listed, please list them with the name of the retail store where you found them below in the comments.

Update - This post originally contained images,descriptions and links to basic white sneakers that I had found online.  The retailer links were no longer working, so I updated them with a simple list provided below. You are likely to find these shoes at national online retailers.

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  • Saucony Kids Radar LT LTT (Children's) - White Leather
  • Reebok - Club (Children's) - White Sheer Grey
  • File - Disruptor II (Children's) - Triple White
  • K-Swiss - Class (Girls') - White/White
  • Skechers - Fireflies Glintzy Girl (Girls') White/Silver
  • Reebok - Classic Jogger (Children's) - White/White
  • New Balance - KX624 (Boys') - White

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