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Saturday, July 1, 2017

French Toast changes to alpha sizing on Polo Shirts

French Toast - America's Most Popular School Uniforms for Less!

I complained last year when the Children's Place changed the sizing of their yoga pants from numeric to alpha.  My daughter couldn't wear their yoga pants leggings because she was between sizes.  So I am sad to see that French Toast is also changing the sizing of their polo shirts in both boys and girls styles from numeric sizing to alpha sizing.

I found the following message on  product detail pages for the polo tops:

"If your numeric size is out of stock, get the new alpha size! French Toast has simplified shopping with our new alpha sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. See our size conversion chart below to find your best fit."

The numeric sizing scale includes 7 size options in the elementary school size range while the alpha sizing reduces that to 5 sizes.  I understand how this helps a manufacture with inventory management, but it is a bummer for the kids waiting for the next growth spurt while they are between sizes. I expect alpha sizing from the box stores where the uniforms are just one collection in their seasonal offering, but I have come to expect more from retailers like French Toast that specialize in school uniforms.

If you have a child that is between sizes, act quick before they sell out of all the numeric sizes and stock up on a few polos now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Boys School Uniform Wardrobe for Under $100

Each fall, parents everywhere purchase new clothing, accessories and school supplies for their children.  Estimates vary wildly on how much we spend each year. According to the National Retail Federation's Back-to-School Spending Survey conducted in 2015 by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average family with children in grades K-12 planned to spend $217 on clothing and accessories., excluding shoes.  I recently got an email from a reader that got me wondering if you could get an entire school uniform wardrobe for half of that national average.

Q - "I am on a very tight budget.
Where can I get the best deal on school uniforms for my son?"

I learned her son is a second grader at a school with a casual uniform policy that requires basic khakis and polos in solid colors.  Many national retailers now carry school uniform items these days and all of them have great sales where you can regularity snag uniform clothing items for less than half of their regular retail price.  But if you are pressed for time and don't have time to shop the sales, I'd recommend you place an online order with Walmart.

Walmart offers school uniforms at one of the lowest price points in all of the major uniform clothing items that we track in the Best Bets Series.  If you shop online, you can order only what you need and avoid getting distracted with an impulse buy in the store. While they carry several brands, we've personally had good success with their George brand uniform items.  The quality held up for an entire school year and my daughter found the fabric very comfortable. 

I reviewed the website and mocked up this sample order for our reader's son. Check it out! All of the basics for a school wardrobe designed to last an entire school year for under a 100 bucks!

Sample Boys Uniform Wardrobe from Walmart

Item Quantity  Total Price 
Short Sleeve Polo 4
Long Sleeve Polo 2
Sweater 1
Pants 4
Shorts 2
Jacket 1
Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt 1

This order takes advantage of Walmart's uniform bundles where the quantity is more than one. I am a big fan of how Walmart offers these bundles. They  allow you to take advantage of the lowest price on items you need multiples of anyway.  The coolest part about their bundling, it that it allows flexibility to vary the items in the bundle with color of the item or even the size.  For example, you can get 4 polos in 4 different colors and 2 pairs of pants (one navy and one khaki).  If you think your child might have a growth spurt halfway through the year, you can order 2 pair of pants in their current size and 2 in the next size up.

By virtue of this exercise, I learned that it is possible to get a full wardrobe of school uniform for half of what most spend on a back to school shopping. You might be able to find a similar items at another retailer if you catch their best sale, but you cant beat the prices for the quality, ease and convenience on this George brand wardrobe from Walmart.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fun Find: Boys Rock Paper Scissors Graphic T-shirt

Boys' Graphic T-shirt - Reef Blue Rock Paper ScissorsI saw this Boys' Graphic T-shirt  while walking through the Lands' End department in my local Sears store.  The Rock, Paper Scissors graphics are so adorable.  The base t-shirt is a bright and cheery "Reef Blue".  It is available in toddler, little boy and big boy sizes.

It is 100% cotton, the same durable fabric as Lands' End amazing Super-T™.  It is regularly priced at $14.50.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back to School Uniform Best Bets for Boys

Best Bets are lists of carefully selected suggestions for your Back to School shopping list. I've done all the homework for you. I've reviewed the school uniform collection from all the major retailers, compared features, sizes and color selection. Then compared the prices for these uniform staples and identified the target price range for each item. Even the highest priced and best quality items can be had for a price in the target range by a savvy shopper at some point through the season.

Browse the following articles to help plan your shopping priorities. Although originally published in 2013, each of these posts have been reviewed for accuracy and updated for 2014 due to selection and pricing changes at the retailers.
(photo used with permission from Microsoft)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween: It's costume time!

photo used with permission from Microsoft Press
Most regular readers of this blog have kids that wear a uniform dress code to school. But most kids, at least those still of trick or treating age, will wear a costume on Halloween. Yesterday, my daughter picked out her Halloween costume for this year.  She is going to be a Witch.

Last year, I followed a few conversations with interest from some Moms who think that girls Halloween costumes are too sexy for little girls, big girls, tweeners, as well as, or some might say- especially for teens. Last year, my daughter was totally into the Winx Club (an Italian animated series carried by Nickelodeon) and had picked out a costume as Bloom (a fairy in the show).  The length of the skirt was more like a peplum which left her underwear totally visible from behind.  If you look at the character on the show, she isn't wearing anything on her legs but through the wonder of animation doesn't reveal anything inappropriate on TV.  In colder climates, kids need to wear additional layers under or over their costume on Halloween to stay warm.  But for those of us in mild and warm climates, it can be a tricky sell. I end up buying a pair of white leggings and convinced her to wear them with the costume.  This year, the witch costume is a full length skirt, so no worries. Yeah!

What's your take on girls Halloween costumes?  Are they too risque or are they fine?

Have you also found yourself making the sales pitch of additions to the costume for modesty's sake?  How'd that go? Any secrets to share?

Has your little one decided yet what s/he will be for Halloween this year?

Have you gotten it yet?

Either way, we got you covered.  Uniform Mom is an affiliate partner with several of the large costume retailers. I've reviewed their sites and chose some options for boys and girls to help you and your little tick-or-treater decide on this year's costume.

Disclosure – Affiliate Links in Use 
Thanks for supporting Uniform Mom

Retail Price: $42.44
You Save: $12.49
from: Anilta Corporation dba®

Kids Jedi Robe
from Anytime Costumes
Retail Price $19.99

from: Anilta Corporation dba®
Retail Price: $46.71
You Save: $16.76

from: Anytime Costumes
Clearance Price: $19.97
Brave-Merida Classic Costume - $28.41
from: Anilta Corporation dba®
Retail Price: $42.51
You Save: $14.10

Poodle Skirt Girl's Costume
from: Anytime Costumes
Clearance Price: $16.97

Retail Price: $49.90
You Save: $22.95
from: Anilta Corporation dba®

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School Basics - Socks and Underwear

Did you remember to pick up some new clothes for under all those new clothes?  And socks! Some kids are fine with the basics while other uniform kids like to wear crazy, colorful socks as a way to express their individuality.

Jefferies Argyle Girls Knee High - 1 Pair
Jefferies Argyle Girls Knee High - 1 Pair

Monday, August 26, 2013

Basic White Sneakers for Back to School

The Back to School ads from the shoe stores feature brightly colored sneakers in a wide variety of trendy colors at prices that don't break the bank.  The uniform dress code at my daughter's school requires black or plain white sneakers.  Last year, I got her a pair of Saucony Radar Lt LTTs at my local Stride Rite outlet (read my review).

When I browsed the selection at the same outlet this year, I couldn't find any basic white sneakers at all.  I asked the sales staff and she brought me another pair of the Saucony Radar Lt LTTs from the back.  I bought them again for my daughter.  Please, if you know my daughter, don't tell her she's wearing a unisex shoe.  The box is labeled Boys and if she found out, we'll ..

This led me to 1) quickly dispose of  the shoe box when I got home and 2) begin to shop around to see if I could find other options or to confirm if the choices are in fact as limited as they seem to me.

I was pleasantly surprised at some options I found online.  I was also surprised to learn that most of these basic PE sneakers are also unisex shoes as you can see below from the "Children's" label.   I already know which ones I'll be ordering next time my daughter is ready for another pair.  I hope these links will help you out with your back to school shoe shopping.

If you found some other options that I don't have listed, please list them with the name of the retail store where you found them below in the comments.

Update - This post originally contained images,descriptions and links to basic white sneakers that I had found online.  The retailer links were no longer working, so I updated them with a simple list provided below. You are likely to find these shoes at national online retailers.

Affiliate Links in Use
Thanks for Supporting Uniform Mom

  • Saucony Kids Radar LT LTT (Children's) - White Leather
  • Reebok - Club (Children's) - White Sheer Grey
  • File - Disruptor II (Children's) - Triple White
  • K-Swiss - Class (Girls') - White/White
  • Skechers - Fireflies Glintzy Girl (Girls') White/Silver
  • Reebok - Classic Jogger (Children's) - White/White
  • New Balance - KX624 (Boys') - White

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Best Bets on Boys Sweaters for School

Updated: This post was reviewed and updated in Fall 2017 to update links and ensure pricing is accurate.

Regular retail prices for a boy's sweaters range from $14 to $30. While watching the Back to School ads, your target price for a boy's sweater is under $20. If you find this item at or below that price, make the purchase with confidence you found a good deal.

Disclosure – Affiliate Links in Use
Thanks for Supporting Uniform Mom 

George Boys'
 Zip Up Sweater
Walmart George Boys' Zip Up Sweater  $14.97
100% acrylic. Machine Wash Cold. Imported.

French Toast Anti-Pill V-Neck Cardigan Sweater $21.98
Acrylic. Imported. Machine wash.
      Children's Place Boys Uniform Long Sleeve Mock Neck Zip Sweater $24.47
      Made of 60% cotton/40% acrylic in a sweater knit.
      Rib-knit mock neck, sleeve cuffs and banded hem.

      Old Navy carries all three styles of boys sweaters in 100% cotton.
      Machine wash. Imported.
      • Boys V-Neck Sweaters $22.94
      • Boys Button-Front V-Neck Cardigans $24.94
      • Boys Zip-Front Sweaters $24.94

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      Monday, August 12, 2013

      Best Bets for Boys Oxford Shirts

      The image below shows the regular retail price at each of the major retailers. Regular retail prices for the basic boys oxford short sleeve shirts range from $11 to $20.  While watching the Back to School ads, the target price for a button up short sleeve oxford is for under $12.  If you find this item at or below that price, make the purchase with confidence you found a good deal.

      Quality Features in
      Boys School Uniform
      Oxford Shirts:
      • Stain Resistant
      • Wrinkle Resistant
      • Expandable Collar

      Regular Retail Price
      Legend of Retailers

      Crazy 8’s
      French Toast
      Lands’ End
      Children’s Place
      Old Navy
      Children’s Wear Outlet
      Cookies Kids
      This data is shared for informational purposes only. Please verify details directly with the retailers. Read more information on how the information was collected and analysed.

      Disclosure – Affiliate Links in Use
      Thanks for supporting Uniform Mom

      Updated: This post was reviewed and updated in June 2016 to update links and ensure pricing is still accurate for the 2016 Back to School Season.

      Best on a Budget

      French Toast
      Short Sleeve Boys Oxford Shirt
      French Toast Short Sleeve Boys Oxford Shirt $11.98
      Colors: Blue, White, Yellow.
      Wrinkle Resistant. Expandable collar.

      Imported. Machine wash. Cotton Polyester Blend.

      Colors: Blue & White.
      55% Cotton /45% Polyester. Machine Wash Cold. Imported.

      Best for Husky Fit

      Long Sleeve Oxford Shirts

      Most of the retailers listed above also carry a long sleeve version of the button up oxford shirt. The long sleeve shirt is also great for holidays and dress up occasions and can be paired with a tie and a blazer. Regular retail prices for the basic boys oxford long sleeve shirts range from $9 to $35.  While watching the Back to School ads, the target price for a button up long sleeve oxford is for under $14.

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      Friday, August 9, 2013

      Back to School Uniform Challenge - Boy's Public School Wardrobe for Kindergarten

      This is the second in a series of posts from the Back to School Uniform Challenge. Participants completed a survey with basics information, including the back to school shopping budget.  It was my job to find and recommend options that fit the dress code, the kid, and the budget.

      Meet Finn

      Finn will be attending Kindergarten this year at a public school. He is average size for his age. 

      The Budget

      The average cost on uniforms for school is $249 (per Statistics Brain), but Finn's Mom has budgeted a bit higher than average, $400 for a full year's wardrobe, including extras like a new backpack and lunchbox.

      The Climate

      At the time Finn's Mom completed the information in the Uniform Challenge, Finn was scheduled to attend a school in Georgia with a uniform dress code.  Over the summer plans changed, and Finn's family just relocated and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. The climate is mild there.  Not too hot in the summers and not too cold in the winters. There is no uniform dress code at Finn's new school so this wardrobe offers more flexibility than most.

      The Recommended Wardrobe

      For basic polo tops, I'm going to recommend she pick up a few Izod polos from JCPenney and two long sleeve  interlock polos from French Toast.  Boys oxford shirts can work for school or other dress up occasions.  French Toast offers great pricing on these in both the short and the long sleeve versions.  

      Finn's Mom reported that he previously blew out the knees on his pants for preschool, so I'm going to recommend he try both Land's End Iron Knee pants and the French Toast's Boys Double-Knee pants.  Since they are at two different price points, maybe she can report back to us any differences they notice in quality and wear during the school year. Since the climate is mild, I'll recommend Boys Izod shorts to use in the fall and spring.

      Again because of that mild climate, he is unlikely to need a winter coat.  The mornings can be chilly, so a few sweaters and hoodies would come in handy.  Old Navy has a cute zip up, a pullover and a hoodie. French Toast carries a reasonably priced water resistant fleece lined jacket.

      Given that there is room in the budget, I'd recommend quality Stride Rite shoes.  For basic school shoes, Finn can try the Harpin Oxford.  For basic everyday sneakers, the Cooper Lace.  It also comes in a Hook and Loop version if Finn prefers the convenience of a velcro closure.

      As I've mentioned before, French Toast carries boys accessories at a great price.  So when ordering the other items recommended above, add in the reversible dress belt and a boys tie to the order.  

      To round out the back to school essentials  Finn will need a backpack and a lunchbox. Lands' End backpacks are known for quality and I like that they carry backpacks in smaller sizes for the littler kids.  The Solid ClassMate Small Backpack would be a perfect fit for Finn's slim frame. Because his Mom is eco-minded, I''ll recommend she get started on the right track with the EcoLunchbox Three- in-One.

      So here's how the recommended options break down for a boys wardrobe for public school:

      Unit Price
      Total Price
      $29 ea
      15 ea
      10 ea
      8 ea
      10 ea
      Stride Rite Cooper Lace Sneaker