Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween: It's costume time!

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Most regular readers of this blog have kids that wear a uniform dress code to school. But most kids, at least those still of trick or treating age, will wear a costume on Halloween. Yesterday, my daughter picked out her Halloween costume for this year.  She is going to be a Witch.

Last year, I followed a few conversations with interest from some Moms who think that girls Halloween costumes are too sexy for little girls, big girls, tweeners, as well as, or some might say- especially for teens. Last year, my daughter was totally into the Winx Club (an Italian animated series carried by Nickelodeon) and had picked out a costume as Bloom (a fairy in the show).  The length of the skirt was more like a peplum which left her underwear totally visible from behind.  If you look at the character on the show, she isn't wearing anything on her legs but through the wonder of animation doesn't reveal anything inappropriate on TV.  In colder climates, kids need to wear additional layers under or over their costume on Halloween to stay warm.  But for those of us in mild and warm climates, it can be a tricky sell. I end up buying a pair of white leggings and convinced her to wear them with the costume.  This year, the witch costume is a full length skirt, so no worries. Yeah!

What's your take on girls Halloween costumes?  Are they too risque or are they fine?

Have you also found yourself making the sales pitch of additions to the costume for modesty's sake?  How'd that go? Any secrets to share?

Has your little one decided yet what s/he will be for Halloween this year?

Have you gotten it yet?

Either way, we got you covered.  Uniform Mom is an affiliate partner with several of the large costume retailers. I've reviewed their sites and chose some options for boys and girls to help you and your little tick-or-treater decide on this year's costume.

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