Thursday, November 7, 2013

Uniform Mom Back to School Spending Survey

According to Statistics Brain, the average annual cost to parents for outfit their kids with school uniforms is $249. Unfortunately, this source doesn't provide any background on what they include as school uniforms. When buying my daughter's Kindergarten wardrobe, I found that I spent about that amount of clothing alone, not including shoes, coat, backpack and lunchbox. The additional items she needed cost me around another $150. This year, I didn't have to get many items for Back to School, but I'm finding myself buying school clothes a few items at a time as she outgrows the ones she had. I'd like to learn more about experiences of Uniform Mom readers. Please take a minute to tell me about your spend on Back to School shopping this fall. I'll leave this survey open for a while, and when we just a decent number of responses, I'll summarize and share with you all. All answers are confidential. No identifying information collected.

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