Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tiny Prints PTA School Fundraiser

If the holiday cards you receive look like the ones I receive, you are about to purchase and receive photo cards over the holiday season.  Instead of the annual family letter with highlights of the past year, many of us opt to send a photo card so distant relatives can see for themselves how much the kids have grown.

School PTA and PTO groups looking for a passive fundraiser should consider Tiny Prints. Tiny Prints is an online store for cards, invitations, stationary and photo books.  They are known for fresh, updated designs and high quality products.

Few parents enjoy selling typical fundraiser items to friends, family and co-workers, so passive fundraising options like this one are an easy sell.Tiny Prints pays a generous 13% commission on every order placed through a co-branded online storefront.   So many of us are planning to order holiday cards or invitations over the course of the year anyway, it is an easy way for the PTA to raise funds.

If you are not involved with your PTA or PTO, please share this article with them.  Email it to the person heading up fundraising and the other officers. If you are the PTA representative in charge of fundraising, below are the steps you'll need to get started.

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Here's how your school can partner with Tiny Prints during this peak buying season to create a co-branded online store that you can promote through the normal PTA communication channels:
  1. Tiny Prints manages this program through an affiliate partner.  So the first step is to create an affiliate account with ShareASale.  If the PTA has a unique email address that is regularly monitored which travels with the new officers each year, I'd advise you use it to set up the account.  This can help ensure a smooth transition from year to year.
  2. The next step is to register with Tiny Prints for a custom storefront web page for the school PTA or PTO group. They will then contact you with instructions to set up the site with some basic information.
  3. Once the site is up and running, you'll need to promote the site and it's unique web address through the PTA at meetings, in newsletters, on the school's website.  You can also encourage parents to share the information with their friends and family via social media so even more people can order through the co-branded storefront.
  4. Lastly, collect commissions.  

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