Friday, February 7, 2014

Celebrating our First Year!

It's been one year since I started Uniform Mom. I set out with a goal to create a community for parents of kids that wear school uniform to share information about brands and products, sales and promotions, as well as advice to help us manage the uniform wardrobe for our school aged kids. Since then, I've shared quite a bit of information on school uniform retailers, advice on building and maintaining a school wardrobe, and numerous reviews of children's school clothing items. Over the past year, I've developed relationships with retailers to be able to bring you the most timely information.

The Retail Round Up Series is made up of posts on each of the major retailers that offer school uniforms year round. Most of those retailers have stores nationwide and a few are regionally located and also offer an online option. These posts provide a bit of background about the store, tell you what type of items you'll find there, what sizes they carry, the store's return policy and anything else that I found interesting. You can find all of them conveniently listed on the "Where To Shop" tab.

The  Back To School "Best Bets"  is a series of posts which provide useful information for building a school wardrobe.  Each post features one clothing item and provides a list of features you should look for when shopping, as well as the all important price comparison between all of the major retailers. These posts are easy to navigate from the "Best Bets by Clothing Type" tab.

Over the past year, I have reviewed over eighteen different school uniform clothing items from at least seven different retailers. I did not receive any compensation for these reviews. I just gave you my honest "Mom" opinion of how these items have worked out for my daughter and how they have held up during the school year.  I am actively seeking input from others to provide more guest reviews, especially on boys clothing items.  I also featured several sponsored reviews on a handful of other products that would be interesting to parents of school aged children.  

Each Friday, I share the "Weekend Shopping Guide" which includes information from the retailers to let you know what's on sale and provide coupon codes to help you save even more.  I also organized giveaway opportunities on uniform clothing and accessories and bought you opportunities to enter other giveaways that would be of interest to most parents.

So what can you expect from Uniform Mom in the next year? 

Definitely more reviews, more useful advice and more information from the retailers.  I am also planning more ways for you to let me know which information you find here on uniform Mom is most useful.  We'll be doing monthly polls so you can provide more input and I can focus on how to get you the information you need.  I'll be sharing more sale alerts and coupons on the Uniform Mom Facebook page.  If you haven't connected with me on Facebook, please head over and "Like" the page to stay in the loop.

Uniform Mom is PR Friendly - Brands looking to connect with parents of kids that wear uniform to school should feel free to contact me with opportunities such as sponsored reviews, participation in affiliate programs, exclusive coupon codes, and more.

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