Thursday, July 20, 2017

School Give Back Program with

We know that many Uniform Mom readers volunteer with the kids PTA or PTO.  All of us parents get looped into the school fundraisers. So I love to pass along news of passive fundraising program that can help the school raise money by buying things that the kids need and that we're gonna buy anyway. just announced a new School Give Back program.
  • will provide a unique url link to use for shopping and a unique promo code for families to get a discount on their first order.
  • will give each school print and social media materials to let families know about this partnership.
  • will issue quarterly reports and payments. carries all the basics that your kid needs to build a wardrobe.  Depending on how strict the uniform policy is, your kid(s) might be able to wear their polo tops.  They have a soft, jersey knit collar which is more relaxed than a traditional polo top.  But even if your school dress code is too rigid for the polo, their basics are great for the PE day wardrobe.  The basic tee shirt, shorts, and leggings work great and are affordable.  You will find many great choices for summer camps and weekend wear too, including swim suits.

So, go tell your principal, school director, and your PTO about this awesome earn back program and encourage them to take advantage of it.  If your preschool or school may be interested, please send an email to

As an affiliate partner with, Uniform Mom can offer readers this coupon for  20% Off Plus FREE shipping on your first order of baby and kids clothes at with code AFF20PCT!


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