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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Free Embroidery on all Styles at French Toast!
This never happens!

French Toast is having a special promotion for free embroidery. Yes, it's early, but hurry and stock up on all the embroidery items that you need for back to school this fall. Order now for delivery by July 15th, 2019. Its a savings of over $5 per item! That adds up quick.

When I read the back to school articles on school uniforms from our friends across the pond, most schools seem to require uniforms to include the school crest. Here in the US, we don’t call them “crested” uniforms, but instead, simply talk about the option to add the school logo to shirts or sweaters. US private schools are more likely to require that logos be added certain uniform items, but most public schools, that have adopted the standard student attire model of khakis and polos, typically offer logos as an option.

Wearing the school logo on the uniform can be a show of support for school pride. This also carries over into the wider community when those students are out around town wearing school colors with the logo. Every year, I see a comment from a British mom talking about how her kids “look smart” in their new uniforms.

When choosing to add a logo to a school uniform item, adding it to all polo tops is a natural choice. If you live in a colder climate, adding a logo to a sweater, sweatshirt or a fleece jacket is also a smart spend since students wear them over the polo tops. If your school uniform includes a blazer, it is the perfect item for the school logo.

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Here are a few items that would be great to order during this sale:

When in elementary school, my daughter had a favorite Zip Front Sweater (like the one shown above).  She kept in her backpack and wore in the classroom nearly every day. It became a ritual to dig it out of her backpack on Friday evenings and wash it every weekend.  Does your child have a favorite sweater?

Be sure to order soon, this sale ends June 23rd.  The discount applies at checkout. No Code Required.

And feel free to share this article to your school's message board so others might also take advantage of this sale.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Best Bets in Boys School Blazers

If you son's school requires a blazer, it will most likely be the most expensive item you purchase for his school wardrobe.  If it's not required for school, you may find yourself looking for a boys blazer for holidays and other special dress up occasions.

The image below shows the regular retail price at each of the major retailers. Regular retail prices for the basic boys school uniform blazer range from $32 to $85. Based on my review, the target price is to find boys uniform blazer for under $45. When you are watching the Back to School ads or out shopping and you find one at or below that target price, make the purchase with confidence that you've found a good sale price.

Regular Retail Price
Legend of Retailers

Children’s Place
French Toast
Cookies Kids
Lands’ End

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Updated: This post was reviewed and updated in Fall 2016 to update links and ensure pricing is accurate.

School BlazerBest on a Budget

French Toast School Blazer (featured on right)
Navy 2 Button.
Polyester. Imported. Machine wash.


      Children's Place Uniform Long Sleeve Blazer
      Navy. Made of 70% polyester/30% rayon twill.
      Anti-static 100% polyester twill lining. Imported.


        Rifle Single-Breasted Unisex School Blazer
        Navy and Burgundy.100% Polyester.
        Machine Wash Warm. Made in Bangladesh

          Best in a Husky Fit

            French Toast
            School Blazer Boys Husky  $41.98

              Rifle Single-Breasted Unisex School Blazer
              Burgundy and Navy.

                Lands' End
                Boys' Hopsack Blazer $85
                Navy and Evergreen. 55% polyester/45% wool. Dry clean. Imported.