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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Free Embroidery on all Styles at French Toast!
This never happens!

French Toast is having a special promotion for free embroidery. Yes, it's early, but hurry and stock up on all the embroidery items that you need for back to school this fall. Order now for delivery by July 15th, 2019. Its a savings of over $5 per item! That adds up quick.

When I read the back to school articles on school uniforms from our friends across the pond, most schools seem to require uniforms to include the school crest. Here in the US, we don’t call them “crested” uniforms, but instead, simply talk about the option to add the school logo to shirts or sweaters. US private schools are more likely to require that logos be added certain uniform items, but most public schools, that have adopted the standard student attire model of khakis and polos, typically offer logos as an option.

Wearing the school logo on the uniform can be a show of support for school pride. This also carries over into the wider community when those students are out around town wearing school colors with the logo. Every year, I see a comment from a British mom talking about how her kids “look smart” in their new uniforms.

When choosing to add a logo to a school uniform item, adding it to all polo tops is a natural choice. If you live in a colder climate, adding a logo to a sweater, sweatshirt or a fleece jacket is also a smart spend since students wear them over the polo tops. If your school uniform includes a blazer, it is the perfect item for the school logo.

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Here are a few items that would be great to order during this sale:

When in elementary school, my daughter had a favorite Zip Front Sweater (like the one shown above).  She kept in her backpack and wore in the classroom nearly every day. It became a ritual to dig it out of her backpack on Friday evenings and wash it every weekend.  Does your child have a favorite sweater?

Be sure to order soon, this sale ends June 23rd.  The discount applies at checkout. No Code Required.

And feel free to share this article to your school's message board so others might also take advantage of this sale.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

What's New at Lands End for Back to School 2015

The Lands' End Back to School catalog arrived in my mailbox this year in June when my daughter had 3 days left on the school year.  Kids in Virginia get out of school later than kids in most other states, but the back to school shopping season also seems to start earlier each year. 

When I browsed the catalog and found a few new or updated items that are definitely worth passing along. Below are a few of my favorites:

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Boy's Perfect Shirt

Boy's Perfect Shirt
Mom's of little boys will be happy to hear about the new Boys' Perfect shirt.  It sounds so awesome, my husband will want to try one.

  • The armholes have been redesigned to give him more room to move.
  • The easy care fabric resists wrinkles so he can wear it straight from the dryer.
  • It has a comfort collar with an elastic tab button so it is never too tight.
  • They added stain release to the cuffs and the collar to keep them looking great.
  • The shirt wicks moisture, dries quickly and helps balance body temperature. 

Girls' Performance Zip-front Cardigan - Red, S
Girls Performance
Zip-front Cardigan

School Uniform Girls' Performance Zip-front Cardigan

Last year, we reviewed the Girls' Zip-front Drifter Cardigan. It became her favorite go-to sweater all year long. New this year, Lands' End is offering a similar zip-front sweater. The collar on this one is smaller, more like a traditional cardigan and the fabric is a cotton blend. We're definitely going to have to try it out this year.

  • Resists fading and pilling for long-lasting color and comfort
  • Easy-care blend feels soft as cotton
  • Fully-fashioned construction for a great fit
  • Full-zip front
  • Easy-moving raglan sleeves
  • 60% cotton/40% rayon-modal
  • Machine wash/Imported

    Girls' Button Front Solid A-line Jumper - Khaki
    Girls' Button Front
    Solid A-line Jumper

    Girls' Button Front Solid A-line Jumper

    We reviewed and loved the School Uniform Girls' Button-front Ponté Skort last season. The quality held up so well, my daughter will be able to wear it again for another season.  This year, Lands' End took the button look and put it on the classic jumper. 

    • Easy-care convenience
    • Functional front placket
    • Top-of-knee length
    • 65% polyester/35% rayon blend
    • Polyester lining
    • Machine wash/Imported

    Boys' Performance Button Front Cardigan Sweater - Evergreen
    Boy's Performance Button
    Front Cardigan Sweater

    Boys' Performance Button Front Cardigan Sweater

    This classic button front sweater is still available in the 100% cotton version, but now it is also available in a easy care cotton/rayon-modal blend.

    • Easy-care fabric resists pilling, fading & shrinkage
    • Rib-knit placket, cuff & pocket trim
    • 60% cotton/40% rayon-modal
    • Machine wash/Imported

    (Photos used with permission from Lands' End)

      Wednesday, August 6, 2014

      Girls Zip-up School Uniform Sweater from Lands' End

      I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. They gifted me school uniforms for me to evaluate so I could share my opinion of the items with you. All opinions are my own.
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      (c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.

      We've tried a bunch of cardigan sweaters from various brands over the past two years.  While I was reviewing school uniform sweaters from all the major brands last summer, I noticed that a zip-up style sweater was totally absent from the girls uniform selection. Many brands offered a zip-up style for boys. Yet all of the girls' sweaters had buttons. My daughter is a rising second grader now, but when she was younger, buttons were tricky for her to do herself. Buttoning anything, especially an item with small buttons, took patience and some amount of time. So, I was excited to see that Lands' End is now offering a Girls' Zip-front Drifter Cardigan.

      When I showed my daughter the list of choices for her to try a Lands End sweater, I wasn't surprised when she right away pointed to this zip up style. When it arrived, I immediately noticed that it is heavier and thicker than our Lands End School Uniform Girls' Fine Gauge Cotton Cardigan Sweaters. And while we love the basic cardigan for year round wear, I would definitely recommend this sweater for those living in a climate where the winters are colder. I think it would also double as a jacket for those in areas that don't get as much snow in the winter.

      And besides the warmth, you notice the quality feel of the cotton. The product description calls it "upgraded cotton" and says that it "each sweater is knit to fit, instead of cut and sewn like lesser-made versions. So it fits right from the get-go, with no bunching or stretching."  I love the cute fabric zipper pull because it is easy for little fingers.

      • Soft-as-can-be 100% cotton for all-day comfort
      • Knit to eliminate excess bulk under the arms
      • Full-zip front with easy grosgrain zipper pull
      • This product is eligible to receive a school logo or a personalized monogram.
      This sweater is machine washable, however, the tag contains some special laundry instructions to keep it looking its best.  
      1. Turn it inside out when washing.
      2. Avoid tumble drying or drying on a hanger.  Instead, lay flat to dry and block into shape.
      3. Use a sweater comb to remove any pills that may appear.

      Lands' End offers this sweater in classic navy, black, red, burgundy and maize.  It sizing includes little girls (4-7) big girls (7-16) and adults (S-XL).  It retails for $50.  When you get one, don't forget to to write your child's name on the label.  You don't want this sweater to get lost and end up in the lost and found.

      Wednesday, December 11, 2013

      Children's Place School Uniform Cotton Sweater, a Review

      Last summer, I spent time researching clothing items for the "Best Bets" series for Back to School. When reviewing the options for girls school sweaters, I found that many retailers offered inexpensive acrylic sweaters, but only a few offered them in cotton.  The most budget friendly of the cotton sweaters was the Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater offered by The Children's Place. I picked one up in navy at the local outlet for my daughter to try this year.

      During the cooler months of the school year, I pack a sweater in my daughter's backpack everyday. Sometimes she comes home wearing it and sometimes it is still in her bag.  I never want her to be cold, so I make sure she always knows that there is a sweater in her bag. Each Friday, I put it in the laundry pile for the weekend.  Once clean, it goes back in the bag.  So this year, I alternated between her favorite sweater from last school year and this new one.  Both are made of cotton and very soft.

      Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater
      Children's Place
      Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater 
      I am pleasantly surprised that this Children's Place sweater has not shrunk or faded.  It has held it's color as a true navy through many washings so far this year. It still looks new and we're half way through the school year.  We found it to be true to size.

      It retails for $19.95.  It is still available online in limited quantities in white, pink and heather gray. Please note that these colors are online exclusives and can only be returned by mail. Recently, I was back at my outlet store again where I saw the navy sweaters were still available.  That day they were 30% off.

      These sweaters are great for school. They can be worn over a polo or peter pan blouse. They are also perfect for over a jumper or a even a "non-uniform" dress. And the cotton jersey fabric works well with casual as well as outfits for dresser occasions. If you are shopping for a boy instead, the Children's Place carries a Boys Uniform V-Neck Sweater in the same cotton jersey fabric.

      My daughter loves this sweater. Being honest, she only cares about two things. 1) Fit - if it's too tight she'll pull it right off. The sleeves on this sweater are just wide enough that she can comfortably wear her long sleeve polo under it on really cold days. and 2) Texture - it's gotta be soft. Itchy fabrics are a no-go for her. I like it too and would definitely recommend it. I care about price; it's a fair deal at regular price and an even better deal if you can catch a sale. I also care how it looks and how it holds up. Since it still looks good after 3 months of regular use, I would definitely buy this item for her again. In fact, I just picked up two more Children's Place cardigan sweaters in different colors and similar styles for her to wear over her Sunday School dresses.

      Tuesday, August 20, 2013

      Best Bets on Boys Sweaters for School

      Updated: This post was reviewed and updated in Fall 2017 to update links and ensure pricing is accurate.

      Regular retail prices for a boy's sweaters range from $14 to $30. While watching the Back to School ads, your target price for a boy's sweater is under $20. If you find this item at or below that price, make the purchase with confidence you found a good deal.

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      George Boys'
       Zip Up Sweater
      Walmart George Boys' Zip Up Sweater  $14.97
      100% acrylic. Machine Wash Cold. Imported.

      French Toast Anti-Pill V-Neck Cardigan Sweater $21.98
      Acrylic. Imported. Machine wash.
          Children's Place Boys Uniform Long Sleeve Mock Neck Zip Sweater $24.47
          Made of 60% cotton/40% acrylic in a sweater knit.
          Rib-knit mock neck, sleeve cuffs and banded hem.

          Old Navy carries all three styles of boys sweaters in 100% cotton.
          Machine wash. Imported.
          • Boys V-Neck Sweaters $22.94
          • Boys Button-Front V-Neck Cardigans $24.94
          • Boys Zip-Front Sweaters $24.94

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          Monday, August 19, 2013

          Best Bets for Girls Sweaters for School

          The image below shows the regular retail price at each of the major retailers. Regular retail prices for a girls sweaters range from $12 to $30. While watching the Back to School ads, the target price for a girls sweater is under $15. If you find this item at or below that price, make the purchase with confidence you found a good deal.
           Regular Retail Price

          Legend of Retailers

          Crazy 8’s
          French Toast
          Lands’ End
          Children’s Place
          Old Navy
          Children’s Wear Outlet
          Cookies Kids

          This data is shared for informational purposes only. Please verify details directly with the retailers.
          Read more information on how the information was collected and analyzed.

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          Updated: This post was reviewed and updated in Fall 2016 to update links and ensure pricing is accurate.

          Best Bets on a Budget 

          All of the choices at the low end of the price range are 100% acrylic. The 100% cotton sweaters are at the higher end of the price range. I found one mid-range Cotton/Poly blend option which is featured below.
          George Girls'
          Cardigan Sweater

          Walmart George Girls' Cardigan Sweatericon $11.88
          100% acrylic. Machine Wash Cold. Imported.
          JCPenney Izod Long Sleeve Cardigan $12
          100% Acrylic. Washable. Imported.

          French Toast Fine Gauge Knit Cardigan Sweater $18.98
          100% Acrylic. Machine Wash. Imported.

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          Wednesday, February 27, 2013

          Reviews of Girls Cardigan Uniform Sweaters

          As this is our first year buying school uniforms, I bought sweaters by three different brands with the intention to see which lasted through the year while continuing to look good.

          Land's End girls cardiganThe first item I bought for my daughter was the School Uniform Girls' Fine Gauge Cotton Cardigan Sweater - Classic Navy. My personal preference for a quality soft material may have factored into this purchase.  I had read great reviews online. I got it at the Back to School sale at Sears when all Lands' End items were 30% off.  The navy color faded a bit initially after the first time it was laundered, but it has held steady in repeated washings since.  The buttons are small which may be difficult for little fingers still learning to button and unbutton. It is the favorite of the three and is the one that gets packed in the backpack most days.

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          Fine Gauge Knit Cardigan Sweater from French ToastThe second sweater I bought for her was a white Fine Gauge Knit Cardigan Sweater from French Toast.  It is 100% Acrylic.  I thought she might also get some use wearing it over her non-uniform dresses.  We've also washed this sweater many times over the season and it has not held up as well.  It is piling a bit and the color is no longer bright and clean looking.  I launder most white and light in Warm or Hot water and typically with a dye free detergent. The instructions on the tag recommend cold water, delicate cycle and to dry flat.  I'm lucky enough to have a husband that helps out with the laundry which means I'm sure this item has taken a spin in our dryer on low.  I got it on sale for under $10, so I say it has "met expectations".

          Cherokee Girls School Uniform Cardigan

          Later in the fall, I picked up a third sweater at Target -the Cherokee Girls School Uniform Cardigan.  I is 100% cotton in a button up v neck with pockets.  It has held up well to repeated washings, even the color has not faded.  The buttons on this sweater are much larger than on the Lands' End sweater which are easier for little fingers that are still learning how to button and unbutton.  I bought this item on sale too for around $10, and I would rate it as "above expectations".

          So next year or when my daughter grows into the next size, I'll most likely pick up another Lands' End sweater for her.  The reality is that she doesn't end up wearing the sweater everyday and could get by with only one and holding on to one of these as a backup.

          (Photos by Uniform Mom)