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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spectrum Prospek Computer Glasses

Over the winter, I began to notice that my eyes were tired all the time and I was getting frequent headaches. I found myself wondering if it was time to head back to the eye doctor. By coincidence, that week, Spectrum offered me a pair of their computer glasses so I could test them and share my thoughts with you.

I began wearing reading glasses a few years ago, I finally went in for the first eye exam of my life, if you don't count the ones performed by a school nurse. I was prescribed a pair of progressive lens. I’ve had them 2 years already, and I still can't get used to them. They make me dizzy if I walk in them, and it seems my eyes get more tired wearing them. So I tend to stick with my drug store reading glasses and wear them most of the work day and in the evening when I work on my iPad.

I ordered the Spectrum Pro Readers magnified with 50% blue light blocking. When the package arrived in the mail, I was surprised at how lightweight the frames are. Compared to all my other glasses, these are light as a feather. I don’t even realize I’m wearing them. And because you wear them like real glasses, and not like readers on the end of your nose, I end up leaving them on, rather than taking them on and off like I do with the readers.

I like the look of them. They are black square frames with red on the inside of the arms. Red is my favorite color, so I love that accent there. Some reviews talk about other computer glasses that have a yellow tint to the lenses. These are clear.  The website says they block 50% of the blue light while maintaining color and clarity.  

So how do they work for me?

Pretty awesome! They have some styles with a higher level of blue light filtering, but the pair I have claim to filter out half of the blue light that is being emitted by my computer screen or tablet. The Spectrum website talks about the mounting medical studies that show that prolonged exposure to blue light can cause damage to the eyes. It also talks about how blue light suppresses the body’s secretion of Melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Since I use my iPad most evenings to relax, I like that these glasses are reducing the amount of exposure which could help me fall asleep easier and sleep better.

My reading glasses are 1.0 in magnification.they recommend when you order these computer glasses with magnification to order them half your normal strength. Mine came at .5 magnification. Maybe my eyes are getting worse, but I could use them a bit stronger.

I have been using them for a few weeks now. I haven’t had any headaches recently, and I notice much less eye strain than I used to have in the evenings. I like ‘em and will continue to use them.

If you don't need the magnification, they have plenty of other styles of different stylish frames to choose from. Do you have a kid that you cant get off their device? Me too, so make note that they also have frames in kids sizes.  The kids frames are super cute in orange or purple.

The cost for the Spektrum Prospek glasses is reasonable too. My reading glasses cost around $20 a pair at the drug store. These blue light glasses range from $40 to $45 a pair and only $5 shipping. If you only knew how much money I spent on those progressive glasses that I never use.  I think these computer glasses are well worth it.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The strangest reasons school kids were suspended, expelled or arrested

Because I follow news related to school uniforms, I frequently come across articles outlining efforts by school administrators to enforce the dress code.  Many of them are what you might chalk up as "major fails" where the schools makes decisions that are unpopular with students, and in many cases, the parents as well.

Those stories pale in comparison to these incidents where students have been suspended, expelled, and even arrested for some pretty crazy things.  Arrested in school for things such as  engaging in a food fight or hacking a computer to change their grades.  But those aren't as far fetched as the tales about the students that getting arrested for talking on the phone, texting, missing too many classes, passing gas, or throwing paper airplanes in class.  My favorite is the kid that got charged with a 3rd degree felony for having a plastic butter knife.  Check out this video:

I found a bunch of other useful articles for parents in the Kids Safety Network:
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Monday, November 16, 2015

School Fundraising with Discount Cards

A segment of our readers are involved with the Parent Teacher organization (aka PTA or PTO) at their child’s school, so I try to share school fundraising opportunities as I come across them. In the past, I have written about passive fundraising efforts with school uniform providers and others. With passive fundraisers, the school or PTA registers with the company, promotes the code and receives periodic income from the company based on a percentage of sales when the promotion code is used.

Discount card fundraisers are in a different category because they take more effort by both parents and students. There are two variations on how it can be managed. While both require a level of effort from volunteers on the PTA, one requires more effort than the other.  The more legwork the group puts into the program, the more profit the group can hope to receive.

What are Discount Cards?

A discount card is a plastic card that an individual can present to a participating business at the time of sale to receive a discounted price on their purchase. Who doesn’t like getting a discount? We present our loyalty cards at the grocery store to get the discounted price. But unlike store loyalty cards, discount cards can be used at a variety of participating retailers.

How can Discount Cards be used as Fundraisers?

A typical discount card is a plastic card that can fit in a wallet or card holder. It features the sponsoring organization on the front of the card, such as the school name and logo. The back of the card contains a list of participating businesses that have agreed to participate in the fundraiser. The businesses gain exposure and hope to draw in customers or gain new customers by participating in the program. The sponsoring organization makes money by selling the cards for a set price. Folks that purchase the cards can use them to receive discounts at the participating retailers.

How much can the PTA make?

It depends on two factors. The biggest factor is how much you charge for the discount card. Some groups charge as little as $5, while seasoned groups that product a card annually can charge up to $15 or $20 per card. The higher amount you can charge, the more potential profit the sponsoring organization can make.

The second factor is the cost of the fundraising cards printing.
  • If you go low tech, the school may be willing to make the copies and let you use the school’s laminating machine. In that case, the cost may be limited to supplies for paper and materials. To make a professional looking card, you can find or purchase a template online.
  • Another option is to use a local printer or ask a local printer to donate their services to create the cards for the school.
  • A third is to use a professional discount card company. These vendors require a minimum amount of cards, and some offer to help with design and layout of the card for an additional fee.

To figure out how much money your group can raise for your school, decide how many cards you will get printed and decide how much to charge for each card.  Multiple those 2 numbers together and subtract the cost to print the discount cards.

( # of cards to sell  X price per card )  -  cost to print the cards

How do I find businesses willing to participate?

If your school has good relationships with local business, the PTA may choose to create the cards on their own. You will need to solicit volunteers to contact local business, request participation, and collect the details on the discount information to be placed on the card. The PTA should also solicit the assistance of an attorney to draft a simple agreement between the organization and the business to include details such as the length of time the discount cards must be accepted by the business. If you have a volunteer with layout and design skills, you might include logos or artwork from the participating business or you can choose to keep it a simple text layout. If the organization does not have bandwidth to do this level of legwork, you can find vendors that will line up the participating business and print the professional discount card for the organization. This option increases the cost to host the fundraiser, but makes the fundraiser possible with less coordination.

How does the sponsoring organization sell the cards?

Some schools send home several cards per student with an envelope to return the payments and any unpurchased cards back to school. Veteran organizations that have experience with this type of fundraiser caution not to overestimate the amount of cards that can be sold per student. While discount card companies might encourage a school to purchase five cards for each student to sell; two per student might be a good starting point.

Asking PTA volunteers to sell the cards at a school or local event such as at Back to School night or at a school sporting event is another option with the potential to sell out quickly. Be sure to get permission from the event organizers.

If the school has a great relationship with a local business that caters to area families, the business may be willing to sell the any remaining cards at the counter and give the proceeds back to the school. 

Good luck with your fundraising efforts!

Has your school sponsored discount card fundraiser in the past? Let us know what worked and what didn’t work in the comments below. 

Photo credit: Home Water Softener Reviews

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Classroom Brand Polo from Schoolbelles

(c) 2015 Rene Shonerd
All Rights Reserved.

This is a sponsored post.  Schoolbelles provided me a sample polo to use as a basis of this review. No additional compensation was provided for this post.

(c) 2015 Rene Shonerd
All Rights Reserved.

The folks at Schoolbelles sent a Classroom Fitted Jersey Polo for me to review. This is a classic polo with the following features:
  • 3 button placket front and matching banded sleeve
  • The colorfast poly/cotton blend is made for easy care wash and wear.
  • 60% Cotton/40% Polyester textured pique.
  • It is available in eight different colors and is available in all sizes from extra small youth through triple extra large adult.
  • At Schoolbelles, the youth sizes are priced at $13.75 and the most adult sizes are priced at $16.75.

Schoolbelles carries this product in their value line of products. They tout that these items are carefully created to be fashionable, durable school uniform tested in real world situations with real kids. Assuming your child doesn't have a crazy growth spurt, I have no doubt this item will last a full school year or longer. My daughter is just outgrowing size 7-8 shirts.  While they still fit across the shoulders, they are too short when she lifts her hands over her head.  The shirt she is wearing in this photo is a size 10-12 which is a big jump that is running a bit big on her in the shoulder.

(c) 2015 Rene Shonerd
All Rights Reserved.
We've tried quite a few brands of polos over the past 3 school years while my daughter has been wearing uniform and I have been reviewing schoolwear. Based on my past comparisons of pricing between vendors, I have found most retailers price polos between $5.50 and $18. Based on the weight of the fabric and feel of the texture of this Classroom brand polo, it is above average in quality and fits nicely at a competitive price just outside my target pricing range. At their full list price, it is as labeled - a great value. If you pick up a few of these polos when Schoolbelle's is having a sale, you can feel confident you are getting a great deal.

You can find this on Schoolbelles's site by using the green General Catalog tab on the left hand side.  Select Girl from the gender drop down, then click the "Shop" button.  Click to browse the Polo Shirts where you'll see this polo listed as style number 8730.

It comes in a variety of colors.  You can get it in white (as shown here),  light blue, navy, royal blue, maroon, red, dark green, and black.  It is also available in a range of sizes to sit everyone - from Youth Extra Small through Adult Triple Extra Large.

Schoolbelles was recently featured in the Retail Round Up Series. Please use the school code S7001 when shopping online, when placing an order over the phone with customer service at 1-888-637-3037, or when shopping in one of their 13 retail locations across the mid-west..

Those living near one of their store locations should definitely visit to check out the additional quality items in their inventory. The rest of us can visit their website. To keep in touch and learn about their future sale notifications, Like their Facebook page and join their mailing list.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lands' End Featherlight Backpack and Neoprene Tote, a Review

I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. They gifted me school uniforms for me to evaluate so I could share my opinion of the items with you. All opinions are my own.
(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.
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Chevron is so IN right now.   The colors in this bag are kid friendly, fun and feminine.  The 
Print FeatherLight™ Medium Backpack, in Fuchsia Plum Chevron, was an easy choice from the new colors and patterns of the Lands' End backpacks this fall.

I bought my daughter a backpack from Lands' End when she started Kindergarten.  I liked that they are one of the few brands that offered backpacks in various sizes.  We shopped in our local Sears store which had a more limited selection than Lands' End online.  While a small Classmate backpack bag might have fit her frame better, she picked out a medium sized Classmate backpack that was in stock in the store that day. The medium was big, but not overwhelming for her size.  The medium size is recommended for kids 4 feet tall to 5 foot, 6 inches tall.   You can read my original review of that bag which she is still using two years later.  It is light in color so it shows some dirt, but structurally, it is still in great condition.  All of the zippers still work, the seams are still sewn tight, and the mesh pouch on the side is still intact.  It has served her well for year round use at both school and summer camps.  She used it in kindergarten and first grade.  During those years, she was required to carry two folders back and forth to school each day.  The bag is big enough to tote a stack of text books, so it sometimes seemed bigger than she really needed at that age.  Now that she has a new bag to use this year, we'll hold on to her original bag to use as a backup.

This new Featherlight Backpack has a new, trendy pattern, but it also has different features.  This bag has a padded laptop slot inside that you could use to tote a traditional laptop, a tablet, or another electronic device.  But even if you don't have any electronics to tote around, you can place folders or notebooks in it keeping them separated from gym clothes and other items.  The other noticeable difference is that this Featherlight bag seems thinner and looks less bulky on her frame than her Classmate style bag.  From the videos, it looks like both styles of bag can hold a fair amount, so it might be the adjustable side compression straps that make it appear thinner.  Most days, she totes around a few folders and papers. Occasionally it carries home an oddly shaped art project or we tuck a small umbrella in the side mesh pocket.  We expect the amount of homework will increase this year, so she might begin to have a workbook or two to tote around.  This bag is perfect size to hold everything she needs and fits her school aged frame perfectly. Here's a video from Lands' End showing what this bag can fit:

I "borrowed" the bag to bring home my work laptop this week.  I commute by walking about a half mile to the Metro station, ride Metro into the city, and then walk a few more blocks to the office. When I use a standard tote bag to carry my laptop, I really notice the weight of it and the strap digs into my shoulder.  My full size work laptop fit perfectly in the laptop slot of this backpack. The padding on the straps is wonderful. Combined with the padded back panel with the mesh lining, it made lugging the laptop on my half mile walk home a breeze. Thumbs up from me!  My co-workers noticed the bag and commented on the hip pattern and trendy colors too.

My daughter loves everything about it.  She can't stop playing with the bungee cord on the front of the bag. She tested it out this week packing it full of stuff needed for summer camp. It easily fit a large fluffy beach towel, her swim suit, goggles, sunscreen, bug spray and a poly folder for her arts and crafts projects. She loves the feel of the padded back and the mesh lining on her back.  That bungee is perfect for keeping a sweater or light jacket handy yet securely tied on.

Of course, she loves the cute pattern and colors. For the past two years, there is one other girl at her school that had the same pattern backpack as her.  Knowing this one will also be a popular style, we got it personalized with a monogram of her initials.  She loves that she'll always be able to find "her" bag from among the pile of bags at after school care even without all the decorative trinkets she hangs on the loop at the top of the bag. She is so excited to have a new backpack this year!

Based on a great experience with the quality of her first Lands' End backpack, I am confident this one will hold up well too.  I expect it will last her several years. We'll get another when she's grows taller and is ready for a large, or full size bag.  The Featherlight style backpack is available in medium and large sizes and various colors and patterns.  There is also a wheeled version and a messenger style. The regular retail price of the medium size bag is $44 and in my opinion, worth every penny.  It's even more worth it, if you can grab one when they are on sale.


  • no-tip design; water-repellent finish; plus an ergonomic design for comfort.
  • Die-cut EVA foam padding in the shoulder straps for superior comfort; padded back panels with air mesh lining for breathability
  • Tech savvy! Two internal chambers, one is padded for a laptop
  • Light but tough! Solids are 210 ripstop and 420D nylon body
  • Adjustable sternum strap keeps shoulder straps in the perfect position for comfort
  • Extra! extra! Bungee strap gives them external carrying capacity — great for quick access to a jacket
  • Side compression straps stabilize their load
  • Reflective trim also helps keep kids visible
  • Handy loop for clipping on a lunch box saves room inside the pack
Girls' Neoprene Lunch Tote - Fuchsia Plum Chevron
Girls' Neoprene Lunch Tote -
Fuchsia Plum Chevron
Lands' End also offers coordinating lunch boxes in the EZ wipe style, the soft side style and the neoprene tote.  We have a soft side one that she's been using for 2 years already.  So, we opted to try the neoprene totes.  I wish I could say that I am one of those Moms that pack a creative and healthy lunch, but I'm not.  Like many other kids her age, she is a picky eater and sticks to known favorites.  But she has commented on some kids that bring a hot thermos of soup, stew, or mac and cheese.  This neoprene bag would easily carry her typical lunch fare, but it could also easily hold a small thermos of hot food, a juice box and a snack.  I intend to pick up a new hot food container to try this year, and I hope to find a new lunch options to change things up and add variety to her packed lunches.  

  • It is completely collapsible, easily fitting in a kitchen cabinet when not in use.  
  • It is very lightweight.  
  • It is also comfortable to carry.    
  • It zips closed across the top.
  • It is made from 100 polyester with rubber backing.  
  • It is tested to ensure safety from lead & phthalates.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Girls Zip-up School Uniform Sweater from Lands' End

I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. They gifted me school uniforms for me to evaluate so I could share my opinion of the items with you. All opinions are my own.
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We've tried a bunch of cardigan sweaters from various brands over the past two years.  While I was reviewing school uniform sweaters from all the major brands last summer, I noticed that a zip-up style sweater was totally absent from the girls uniform selection. Many brands offered a zip-up style for boys. Yet all of the girls' sweaters had buttons. My daughter is a rising second grader now, but when she was younger, buttons were tricky for her to do herself. Buttoning anything, especially an item with small buttons, took patience and some amount of time. So, I was excited to see that Lands' End is now offering a Girls' Zip-front Drifter Cardigan.

When I showed my daughter the list of choices for her to try a Lands End sweater, I wasn't surprised when she right away pointed to this zip up style. When it arrived, I immediately noticed that it is heavier and thicker than our Lands End School Uniform Girls' Fine Gauge Cotton Cardigan Sweaters. And while we love the basic cardigan for year round wear, I would definitely recommend this sweater for those living in a climate where the winters are colder. I think it would also double as a jacket for those in areas that don't get as much snow in the winter.

And besides the warmth, you notice the quality feel of the cotton. The product description calls it "upgraded cotton" and says that it "each sweater is knit to fit, instead of cut and sewn like lesser-made versions. So it fits right from the get-go, with no bunching or stretching."  I love the cute fabric zipper pull because it is easy for little fingers.

  • Soft-as-can-be 100% cotton for all-day comfort
  • Knit to eliminate excess bulk under the arms
  • Full-zip front with easy grosgrain zipper pull
  • This product is eligible to receive a school logo or a personalized monogram.
This sweater is machine washable, however, the tag contains some special laundry instructions to keep it looking its best.  
  1. Turn it inside out when washing.
  2. Avoid tumble drying or drying on a hanger.  Instead, lay flat to dry and block into shape.
  3. Use a sweater comb to remove any pills that may appear.

Lands' End offers this sweater in classic navy, black, red, burgundy and maize.  It sizing includes little girls (4-7) big girls (7-16) and adults (S-XL).  It retails for $50.  When you get one, don't forget to to write your child's name on the label.  You don't want this sweater to get lost and end up in the lost and found.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Girls School Uniform Double Knit Blazer from Lands End, a Review

I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. They gifted me school uniforms for me to evaluate so I could share my opinion of the items with you. All opinions are my own.
(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.
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The new School Uniform Girls' Double Knit Button-front Blazer from Lands' End is a super cute layering alternative to a sweater.  This blazer makes any outfit look adorable.

For some reason, school picture day  for my daughter's class was held on PE day for the past two years.  So she is wearing her basic white t-shirt, which is required with the Phys Ed uniform, in her annual school photos. This year, I will plan send this blazer with her on school picture day no matter if it falls on a PE day or not.  This blazer works just as well over a shirt with a collar as it does over a basic t-shirt.   I will also reach for this blazer to her to wear on a school assembly day when her class will be on stage in front of the rest of the school and all the parents.

Girls' Double Knit Button-front Blazer - Classic Navy, 8
Girls' Double Knit
Button-front Blazer
The side panels give the jacket structure and shape, yet the double knit fabric is soft and comfortable.  It is offered in navy in Big Girl sizes 7 -16 and Women's sizes 2-16.  As a school uniform item, you can personalize it with your school logo.  It retails for $70. It is machine washable.

The highlighted features include the following:
  • 100% cotton double knit is soft yet substantial
  • Resilient construction
  • Princes side panels lend a hint of shape
  • Easy care: machine wash
  • Single back vent
  • Patch pockets
  • Imported
A structure blazer is such a classic look on both girls and guys. Guys that are always complaining that blazers are too uncomfortable would love to have the comfort of a knit alternative.  But they guys will have to wait their turn until they develop a comfortable blazer for them because this one is reserved for the ladies. And because it is so comfortable to wear, it will get used more often than a traditional blazer.  It can also serve as a light jacket in the fall or spring months. These options make it worth the price difference from the basic cardigan sweater.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lands' End new Ponte School Uniform items- knit skort and blouse, a Review #Sponsored

I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. They gifted me school uniforms for me to evaluate so I could share my opinion of the items with you. All opinions are my own.
(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.

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Girls' Button-front Ponté Skort - Classic Navy, 10
Girls' Button-front Ponté Skort
Loyal readers of this blog know that I'm a huge fan of skorts  for young ladies. I am also a huge fan of Lands' end ponté. So when I learned that they had a new ponté skort this fall, I was excited for my daughter to try the School Uniform Girls' Button-front Ponté Skort.
I love that the ponté knit is machine washable, and holds its color. It is made from 74% polyester/22% rayon/4% spandex. It is offered in classic navy or khaki and has hidden knit shorts for coverage underneath.  It has a simple elastic waistband and the length of the skirt hits "above the knee".  It comes in little girls sizes 4-7 and big girl sizes 7-16 and retails for $32.

If you prefer a pleated skirt, check out the other new ponté item, the School Uniform Girls' Pleated Ponté Skirt or the School Uniform Girls' Ponté Pleated Jumper.

(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.

The skirt pairs nicely with a classic, crisp blouse. This Girls' Short Sleeve Peter Pan Broadcloth Blouse contains a bit of shaping so it's not boxy, and it has the more feminine peter pan style collar. This blouses can work alone or under a jumper. Layer a sweater over top to get the most use from a short sleeve blouse year round. Add a coordinating crisscross tie, even if it is not required as part of the uniform dress code.  It adds a finished look. 

The blouse is machine washable.  Because it resists wrinkles, you can get away without ironing if you grab it straight from the dryer, otherwise, it needs only a light touch up with the iron. The other feature important to uniform kids is that it is long enough in length to tuck in, and stay tucked in.

Girls' Short Sleeve Peter Pan Broadcloth Blouse - Light Sea Blue
Girls' Short Sleeve Peter Pan
Broadcloth Blouse


  • Broadcloth provides a smooth look all day.
  • Fabric wicks moisture, resists wrinkles.
  • 55% cotton/45% polyester blend
  • Pretty, rounded collar
  • Gentle shaping
  • Available in white or light sea blue (shown to the right).
  • Offered  in Little Girl (4-7), Big Girls (7-16) and Adult sizes.

(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.

These two school uniform wardrobe pieces make a great outfit together.  They also mix and match nicely with other uniform items. The quality of Lands' End brand is evident wash after wash.  It is more likely that your child will outgrow these items before they wear them out.  You can then pass them along to a younger child or the school's uniform exchange program.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Additional Picks from the 2014 Lands' End School Uniform Collection

Disclosure - I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. 

I just reviewed the 2014 Lands' End Back to School catalog.  They have many new items this year.

New for Girls:

  • Cotton broadcloth and stretch woven blouses that are easy care, easy wear – starting at $20.
  • Ponte knit jumpers, skirts and skorts that are comfortable, resist wrinkles and retain color.
  • A stylish, school-spirited double-knit blazer for dress up, $60.
  • Improved pant fit: slimmed legs, better rises and superior fitting chinos.

New for Boys and Girls:

  • Colorblock active polos and performance tees in the Phys-Ed Collection with smart features such as moisture wicking, UPF 50 and antimicrobial properties.
  • Year-round washable dress pants that look great, wash after wash.
  • A below-the-knee, active short for boys that take him from gym class to afterschool play.

Below are some of my the 2014 featured school uniform items for girls and boys at schools with a standard or uniform dress code.  These items are new to the 2014 Lands' End School Uniform Collection or they have been recently updated. A few of these items will be reviewed here at Uniform Mom in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lands' End School Uniform Perfect Fit Pants and Interlock Polo, a Review

I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. They gifted me school uniforms for me to evaluate so I could share my opinion of the items with you. All opinions are my own.

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(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.
Today we'll take a look at two classic wardrobe staples: the Girls' Perfect Fit Pants from the Iron Knee collection and the Girls' Feminine Fit Interlock Polo Shirt from Lands' End.

I love the updated fit of the School Uniform Girls' Perfect Fit Plain Front Blend Chino Pants. They aren't a skinny pant, but the cut of the leg is just a bit narrower than a straight cut style. I think this will be a popular choice for fashion forward young ladies that wear uniforms to school. My daughter is used to wearing boot cut pants because she really doesn't like the feel of skinny jeans or pants.  After putting them on, she pulled at the pant leg once noticing the difference in the style, but not being able to vocalize the difference at how they fit her closer in the leg.  I then paid close attention to see if she continued to tug at them, but she quickly got used to them not giving it another thought.

As a Mom, I also love the features and quality of these pants.  Because she is just growing into a new size, we had to take advantage of the adjustable waist and make it smaller.  This is her first pair of reinforced knee pants.  Back in preschool, she quickly blew out the knees on all her jeans and I had to resort to using iron on patches.  So, I know she's going to put these Iron Knee Pants to the test this year.  But the best part is the hem. 

Lands' End does the hemming for you! Yeah, it seems so old school for a retailer to hem your pants, but it makes so much sense.  I've never understood why women's pants are made all the same length while men's are sized both by waist and inseam.  With these quickly growing kids, it seems the standard pant sizes are either too long or too short.  With a custom inseam sized just to fit, it makes things simple.  Because beyond a simple button repair, I'm no good at sewing and I don't even have a sewing machine or have access to one. This is so awesome for me because most standard pants in my daughter's new size are a good four or five or more inches too long for her.

When you place your online order, you enter your child's inseam.  Now here's what's really important to know, there is no need to size up.  They make the adjustment for us to allow some wiggle room for the fabric to shrink under recommended laundering instructions and to allow some growing room. I measured my daughter's inseam at 20 inches and, as advised, entered her actual measurements when ordering.  The pants that arrived measure almost 22 inches.  And as promised they will give her room to grow, but they don't look noticeably long and are totally wearable at this length.
Girls' Perfect Fit Plain Front Blend Chino Pants - Khaki
Girls' Perfect Fit
Plain Front Blend Chino Pants


  • Improved fit for comfort and flexibility
  • Little Girl & Big Girl sizes: New! reinforce patched Iron Knees for longer lasting wear
  • Wrinkle-resistant 60% cotton/40% polyester blend
  • Front & rear pockets
  • Little Girl & Big Girl sizes: adjustable inner waistband to fine-tune her fit
  • Little Girl sizes: easy-on elastic back & snap button close
  • Big Girl sizes: no-gap contoured waistband & FREE hemming available!
  • Women’s sizes: Contoured waistband prevents gaping at back
These pants are available in classic navy, khaki and black.  They are available in sizes to fit everyone: Toddler 2T - 4T,  Little Girls 4-7 (regular and slim), Big Girls 7 - 16 (regular, slim and plus), Junior and Adult (regular and tall). The regular retail price is $40.00.

(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.
The pants pair well with the School Uniform Girls' Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Interlock Polo Shirt. Personally, I prefer the feel of the interlock polos to mesh polos.  And this polo is SO super soft, made from 100% cotton.  It is by far the nicest kids' polo I've seen.  If your child is fussy about the texture or feel of fabrics, you should definitely check this one out.

I always advocate that you look for brands and items with the word "resistant" in its product claims.  This polo is said to resist stains, resists shrinkage and resists piling. No boxy fit either; the fit is distinctly all girl and shaped to be flattering to a young girls figure. It is machine washable for easy care. The other feature worth noting for uniform kids is that this polo hits the top of the hip, allowing the right amount of fabric to properly tuck in your uniform polo. 

Girls' Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Interlock Polo Shirt - White, L
Girls' Short Sleeve Feminine Fit


  • She-shaped, plush 100% cotton
  • Enhanced fabric keeps colors true
  • Resists stains and shrinkage
  • Top-of-hip length with side vents
  • Shaped: Not too slim or too loose
  • Sized to allow for shrinkage, please wash before wear

This polo is offered in a dozen different colors, so you're sure to find your school's colors.  It comes in sizes for Little Girls 4-7, Big Girls 7 - 16, Junior and Adult (regular and tall). The regular retail price is $18.00. And when required or desired, you can get your school logo added to this polo. 

I really love both of these school uniform items.  These are high quality wardrobe staples that will last through the school year.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Favorite School Uniform items from Lands' End

Disclosure - I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. 

Below are some of my favorite school uniform items for girls and boys at schools with a standard or uniform dress code. These are classic wardrobe items that always make a popular choice for Back to School.  A few of these items will be reviewed here at Uniform Mom in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lands' End Phys Ed Performance T-shirt and Yoga Pants, Reviews

(c) Rene Shonerd. All Rights Reserved.
I'm working with Lands' End as a Brand Ambassador during the 2014 Back to School season. They gifted me school uniforms for me to evaluate so I could share my opinion of the items with you. All opinions are my own.
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My daughter is a Daddy's girl. So she loved the new School Uniform Girls' Performance V-neck T-shirt from Lands End, because it is just like Daddy's shirts. She was referring to the feel of the polyester moisture wicking fabric. She tends to sweat just like a Daddy when running around in PE class or just playing on the playground at recess, so this shirt will serve her well on PE days for school. This v-neck style is a nice change of pace from the run of the mill crew neck t-shirt. The fit has a feminine shape, and the v-neck is sporty with the lower point of the V hitting higher on the chest.

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At my daughter's school, the kids do not change clothes for Phys Ed class; instead they wear a PE uniform all day. So the antimicrobial feature to fight odor will be especially appreciated during the second half of the school day. The shirt is machine-washable making it easy to get it clean and refreshed for the next PE day.  It is available in white, classic navy and evergreen in little girl sizes 4-7, big girl sizes 7-16, and adult sizes S-XL. 

The shirt pairs well with active bottoms. And since my daughter is not a fan of typical sweatpants, she mainly wears yoga style pants to school on PE days. She was happy to try the School Uniform Girls' Yoga Pants. The pant legs are made with a simple elastic waist and a slight flare at the bottom of the leg which is flattering for both little girls and big girls. After trying them on, my daughter liked the way they fit her and, more importantly, how comfortable they felt to wear. I love the quality of the bottoms. They are thick enough that you can't see through them when she bends to touch her toes. I also like that they wash up easily in the laundry and that they will hold their shape due to the 7% Lycra blend. Uniform kids colors include black, navy, khaki, and gray heather.  For non-uniform kids or to add to your weekend wardrobe, they also come light fuchsia and purple. They are available in little girl sizes 4-7 and big girl sizes 7-16. 

This outfit is perfect for PE days. It's comfortable for my daughter to wear and easy for me to launder. I will likely get my daughter a second set because she has PE two days a week and for some reason they always fall on back to back days. And although our school's uniform policy only allows navy and white, both the pants and tops are offered in additional color options.

School Uniform Girls' Performance V-neck T-shirt - White
School Uniform Girls'

Features of the School Uniform Girls' Performance V-neck T-shirt:

  • Antimicrobial to fight odor
  • 100% polyester fabric wicks moisture away
  • Slightly shorter sleeves and a shaped waist for a feminine fit
  • Fast-drying so she stays comfortable


Features of the School Uniform Girls' Yoga Pant :

  • Super stretchy 93% cotton/7% Lycra® spandex blend
  • Stays true to size wash after wash
  • Wider elastic waistband goes easy on her middle
  • Shaped at sides for a boxy-free fit

The Lands’ End School Uniform Phys Ed Collection sets them apart from other retailers by offering one-stop shopping convenience to fulfill all the clothing requirements of the entire school uniform wardrobe. And also check out their great selection on footwear, backpacks, lunch bags, and accessories like neck ties and headbands.

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